Tari starts his own blog!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Tari Renner has decided to print his own news.  He started his own blog:  http://www.rennerformayor.com/category/renners-review/

The biggest difference between BlnNews.com and Tari’s site is:

He doesn’t allow comments!

Luckily, I can comment here.

Roads were important to Tari  during his first election, the election two years ago, and now right before the upcoming election.  See a pattern?

Maybe Tari can explain why he is for “Complete Streets” being pushed by NATIONALLY .  See a website HERE

Do the citizens of Bloomington want local control of their streets, or do they want to pay more for bike lanes, slower speeds, narrower lanes, and more chances for people to get killed on said streets?

I thought the citizens said “fix the streets” not turn them into a social experiment at taxpayer expense.

Keep an eye on Tari’s site – I might miss some propaganda.





14 thoughts on “Tari starts his own blog!

  1. To quote an old professor of mine “I could eat a box of crayons and crap out a better website then that” It’s such a SIMPLE website (like the compiler) no color, graphics, charts, numbers or FACTS!
    And $20 million for streets? What’s he going to do now, tax grave markers????


    1. Actually, the roads are so bad and have been neglected for so long, it will take $60M over five years to bring the quality up to “fair.” It does not include sidewalks and sewers. That $20M bond is for streets, sewers and “infrastructure.” I would like an itemized list of what he is referring to as infrastructure additional to streets and sewers. I could refer to any number of his pet projects.


  2. Sure. If you want to witness more lies and the man slobbering all over himself, visit his blog. Nothing I have time for nor do I want to give him another click.


  3. I would suggest you take a look at Frontier’s intended sale of downtown vacant lots they own to the City of Bloomington with Sentor Bill Brady as Broker. (Lots were not advertised). Seems the price of those lots are being priced to the City at a price much higher than they were priced to an individual recently.


  4. I spent 5 or 10 minutes of my life that I will never get back during my lunch to visit his site. Here is what he said that has enraged me: “I stand strong in my beliefs that we must maintain our services and investments into living standards with the purpose of upholding not only a healthy economy, but a healthy community as well.”

    Honestly, Tari???? Do you really think that Bloomington Normal residents are incapable of creating and maintaining a healthy economy and community without your intervention????? It’s this kind of stuff from our local government that’s just maddening to me. It implies an overinflated view of our government officials, that this place is just going to fall apart without them “investing” our money. I contend that this IS the problem and this is what we need to be free of.


  5. WOW, cavewoman, you are on the DOT, when a friend used to get “papers” from MS Dukeowitz when she was “UPTOWN” her grammar, etc, was horrid and VERY obvious!
    I thought the very SAME thing when I read it, maybe she’ll actually be DOING something now??? theplotthickens!!


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