COVID facts IDPH doesn’t want you to know

By: Diane Benjamin Every number in this story comes from the same place – the Illinois Department of Public Health website (IDPH) The chart below shows COIVD deaths per day as reported to IDPH. These are daily deaths from 2/17/2022 through 3/16/2022. If you go to the link, hovering over each bar will show you […]

Missing Data – McLean County Deaths

By: Diane Benjamin I am purposely refraining from using percentage increases in the data below. I believe that would distort the actual numbers. For example, I could tell you confirmed suicides increased 40% between 2019 and 2020. The actual number increase was 9, very tragic but 40% sounds far worse than 9. There are a […]

Requiring vaccinations will hurt you

By: Diane Benjamin To Community Players who only want vaccinated people at their shows, and Marcus Theaters who are doing shows just for the vaxed: Being vaccinated doesn’t prevent hospitalization, death, or even getting Covid: Illinois hospitalizations and deaths in fully vaccinated people: Those are only the serious breakthrough cases, many more still get […]

IDPH update – breakthrough cases

By: Diane Benjamin As of 12/29/21: See the last line – this data could be weeks old. Breakthrough cases that did not require hospitalization are not included in the above. Obviously the vaccine doesn’t prevent infection, doesn’t prevent hospitalizations, and doesn’t prevent deaths. The number hospitalized has doubled since early November. Deaths have doubled […]

Trust government? Explain this

By: Diane Benjamin Follow the money. The link to the information below is available from the McLean County Health Department website. Clicking on the COVID-19 Vaccine tab takes you to the IDPH website – Illinois Department of Public Health. I have been tracking breakthrough hospitalizations and deaths in Illinois which proves the vaccinated can still […]

Updated Covid breakthrough Illinois cases

By: Diane Benjamin Below is the updated chart based on the Illinois Department of Public Health numbers: The last time I updated the chart was November 15th. Click the link – the breakthrough cases are largely in people 65 and over. 27% of hospitalizations and 13% of deaths are in the 18-64 age group. […]

Breakthrough Covid cases and deaths

By: Diane Benjamin Illinois Department of Public Health updated their numbers: Since they don’t report in a way that shows reality, I created and updated this spreadsheet: These numbers don’t include deaths soon after getting the vaccine or booster shot. See the US data here: *Note that the total number of deaths associated […]

PAGE still not found

By: Diane Benjamin The web page where the Illinois Department of Public Health reports breakthrough COVID hospitalizations and deaths has been down again for many days. The numbers are supposed to be updated every Wednesday. Don’t bother calling the number on the screen, they will provide a number in Chicago. That office in Chicago will […]

Vaccine facts:

By: Diane Benjamin Headline: Breakthrough Infections, Deaths Among COVID-19 Vaccinated Rose in Recent Months: CDC Click the link to read the story. Maybe that story is why IDPH was late posting the weekly numbers, for days the site showed “Page Not Found”: The new numbers are now posted, the trend in Illinois is […]

More proof Pritzker isn’t using science

By: Diane Benjamin Below is the STATEWIDE outbreak locations for the last 30 days. What’s missing? Restaurants and Bars. No, they aren’t all closed, some municipalities aren’t complying with meaningless Executive Orders and some businesses chose to stay open. They are being targeted because they are easy and without the resources to fight back. If […]

State of Illinois is throwing your money away

By:  Diane Benjamin I reported in this story the McLean County Nursing Home was forced to repay $244,195 to the State of Illinois as a result of an audit. The Illinois Department of Public Health claimed the State overpaid them. The County was upset and blamed the Administrator (who has since resigned) for failing […]