COVID facts IDPH doesn’t want you to know

By: Diane Benjamin

Every number in this story comes from the same place – the Illinois Department of Public Health website (IDPH)

The chart below shows COIVD deaths per day as reported to IDPH. These are daily deaths from 2/17/2022 through 3/16/2022. If you go to the link, hovering over each bar will show you the number. I added them to the chart below.


Next I created this chart using the above data:

Now we know IDPH reported 1012 COVID deaths between 2/17/2022 and 3/16/2022.

I have been tracking vaccine breakthrough cases and deaths since the pandemic began. IDPH only shows totals here:

You can see all of the weekly data I collected here:

How many of those 1012 deaths between 2/17/22 and 3/16/22 where in fully vaccinated people?

From the weekly list referenced above:

Far right column:


Over 70% of the COVID deaths in Illinois from 2/17 – 3/16 were in vaccinated people.


Is this why Dr. Ngozi Ezike is stepping down? Too late to ask her, she quit as of 3/14/2022.

A twitter friend thinks it isn’t accurate to include the 211 from 2/16/22. Eliminating it means 534 out of the 1012 who died were vaccinated. That’s over 50%. Great vaccine.







8 thoughts on “COVID facts IDPH doesn’t want you to know

  1. Facts, truth, liberty and justice are all tightly bound.
    When you start modifying one you unravel all of them.
    So this is about more than just Covid. Its about whether someone has the right to their own facts and truth and whether they can modify them to suit their wants while taking away yours.

    In the absence of truth and facts power becomes the predominant force and the powerful are unleashed to do as they will.

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  2. The 534 figure is correct. Like you said, that is still over 50%. 52.8% to be precise. Not good for a vaccine that was supposed to be 90%+ effective.

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  3. Everything you want to know about the Covid lie, the Vaccine lie, and the deaths that are happening right now across the world is below. Or you can be spoon-fed lies by the mainstream media and feel good about the “vaccine” that is in your body right now killing you. It’s your choice.

    Steve Kirsch’s Newsletter on Substack

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  4. And yet the deluded minions still think people need to be vaccinated. I will say I don’t hear them bleating about it quite as much as I did. I doubt they actually have researched just how bad it really is though, they’ve moved on to “stand with Ukraine” now, so their “I got my vaccine” on their profiles have been replaced with the Ukraine flag.

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    1. Ronin, yes to “I don’t hear them bleating about it quite as much as I did” Here’s why.

      We live in a post-truth, neo-maxist world where the left pedals a lie, calls it the truth, persecutes anyone who disagrees, then when the actual facts begin to expose their lie they just move on and make up another lie and call IT the new “truth” – without ANY accountability.
      They keep their jobs, maybe get a promotion even, and go on persecuting “truth” deniers like nothing ever happened.

      The post-truth world according to James Lindsay says – The left and their “truths” must be tolerated and promoted, the right’s truth must not be tolerated and must be persecuted. The right must be censored and even “pre-censored” (disallowed before they even speak).

      Karl Marx is smiling right now.

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      1. A good example of pre-censoring is the moronic NYT’s Trump’s 30,000 lies list. Right off the bat they fabricated a stupid list of lies (many are Trump’s opinions that they disagree with) so that no matter what Trump says – Its a lie! Pre-censorship


      2. We’re on the same chapter, maybe same page. I’ve been “down in the rabbit hole” for a LONG time now (around 13-14 years) in many many little passages and know which passages are too crazy and which ones are VERY interesting abut not so crazy at all, also know how to recognize the plants and decoys.
        That is for sure part of their M.O. just move on and sweep it all under the rug or leave it for the clean up crew. If more people only knew 1/4 of what many of us know and know it way before the truth finally comes out, when it does at all, they would be in shock to say the least, it’s not as shocking when it dribbles in slowly though, it just becomes everyday reality. Wait until they find out the REAL source/s of the plandemic…Wonder if they handle it?

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