If Crabill’s spending appalled you, Koos said the same thing

By: Diane Benjamin

The video below is from the March 7th Normal Town Council meeting where the budget was approved.

Chris Koos talked about the old days (2008) when they were forced to make cuts, now they have money to do things they couldn’t do then. Soon history will repeat, he has to spend before the bad times are back. Progressive ideology always fails because bad times do return. Build more things with no money to maintain them and hire 21 additional staff complete with benefits and pensions and the setup for fail will arrive. Is that now planned or are economics ignored?

Just hit play:

4 thoughts on “If Crabill’s spending appalled you, Koos said the same thing

  1. Koos and Craybill…2peas of the same pod. Voters complain about high taxes then they vote these 2 in office.

  2. You always end up in a better situation if you made budget plans to get through hard times, that are coming, than if you spend like crazy just before they arrive.

  3. Good times, bad times. It’s all the same to them because they have access to unlimited funds. The fact that those funds are in your pockets is a minor inconvenience at best.

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