See who filed for what office and what they filed:

By: Diane Benjamin

All filing are available here:

It is interesting to see who filed the optional loyalty oath and who didn’t.

It is also fun to see who circulated petitions for who, that reveals who is connected to people you may or may not want to see in office.

It also shows if anyone took shortcuts getting signatures, that has happened before! Check your potential representatives to see if you signed when you didn’t. Also look for signatures that look like the same person wrote them, that has also happened before.

Candidates should review their opponents petitions. Fraud to get on a ballot isn’t going to produce a model public servant. If elections don’t have integrity they are meaningless.








6 thoughts on “See who filed for what office and what they filed:

  1. Governor candidate Sullivan was practically accused of ‘Roundtabling’ on the Capitol Fax blog. pics of sigs DO look pretty dodgy on the examples shown.

    Be aware of last day filers – several jumped in on the last day and I know a few that had to hustle to get sigs as late as Sunday afternoon. So Tempting.

    Most will go unchallenged but a couple that ARE being looked into – one in particular recently moved into a district and another may not even live in the district. Another is house hunting per a requirement to live in the district pending being elected. Caveat Emptor.

    D’s are the WORST and have little compunction about doing whatever it takes to get elected to office – ANY office – in order to bring about a socialist/progressive community . Regrettably , our community has more than its share of these types.


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