Paging Andy Byars:

By: Diane Benjamin Have some fun, click here: Know who owns that website? I hope you noticed the wind turbines, it isn’t just about EV’s. The Town of Normal owns it – the phone number goes to Planning. Take another trip here: That link should show a registered lobbyist named RECALL STRATEGIES, LLC […]

UPDATE: Petitions to Elect Trustees by District in Normal filed today

Update: The Town of Normal can not pay staff to review the signatures, that would be electioneering and illegal! Close to 2200 signatures will be submitted to the Town of Normal this afternoon. Signing the petition only gets a Yes or No question on the November ballot. Next the real fun starts! Let’s see who […]

See who filed for what office and what they filed:

By: Diane Benjamin All filing are available here: It is interesting to see who filed the optional loyalty oath and who didn’t. It is also fun to see who circulated petitions for who, that reveals who is connected to people you may or may not want to see in office. It also shows if […]

BEC outshines the Town of Normal

By: Diane Benjamin The last day to file for the Bloomington or Normal councils was yesterday. There is still time to file for school boards. The Bloomington Election Commission was lightning fast posting the petitions of of those running for office: Petitions for Normal were filed with the Town Clerk. Evidently they are SECRET […]

Does Renner know what TRUTH is?

By:  Diane Benjamin See the report issued by the Bloomington Election Commission in this post: The document clearly shows Tari Renner submitted 785 signatures and after the line-by-line review he ended up with 581.  That means 204 signatures were found to be invalid.       Below is an email a citizen sent to […]

Hearing set on Tari’s petitions

By:  Diane Benjamin The hearing will be Monday 9:00 am at the Government Center – Room #403 This hearing is open to the public.  Kevin Gerrard will appreciate your support. So far only WGLT has covered the story: Renner called the review frivolous.  Kevin and his team have flagged over 300 signatures as well […]

Tari’s petitions being challenged

By:  Diane Benjamin A reader has done an extensive investigative look at the petitions Tari Renner filed with the Bloomington Election Commission.  They are riddled with addresses that look like the same person completed the address part.  He thinks it is worth his time to compare the signatures with the ones BEC has on file […]

Tari’s petitions

By:  Diane Benjamin Tari’s signature on a City of Bloomington document – PDF page 8: Another City Signature from September PDF page 5: Below are various pages from the petitions submitted by Renner. Look at the printing.  Sometimes the A’s are capital, sometimes they aren’t.  The same applies to E’s. Now look […]

Fly on the Wall: Renner petitions

Petitions for local office were allowed to be circulated starting August 30.  Filing petitions starts tomorrow. Flying around I saw a bunch of people in the Christmas spirit at the Festival of Trees.   They became unhappy to be assaulted by Renner volunteers wanting petitions signed! In 2 1/2 months Tari couldn’t get a minimum […]