Tari’s petitions being challenged

By:  Diane Benjamin

A reader has done an extensive investigative look at the petitions Tari Renner filed with the Bloomington Election Commission.  They are riddled with addresses that look like the same person completed the address part.  He thinks it is worth his time to compare the signatures with the ones BEC has on file to insure that signatures are legal.

He plans to do this Thursday and Friday, but he could use some help.  If you want to help either or both days, please email me:  [email protected]

Here’s an example:


13 thoughts on “Tari’s petitions being challenged

  1. I’m sure it is public record, but would you do the great service of publishing Renner’s petitions? I would love to be aware of who these “Marxists In Are MIdst” are, so I can avoid them socially, boycott their businesses, and generally express my disapproval of their values and ideology. The times of being passive, Conservative doormats is over.
    The election showed that.


  2. Wow. I recognized many names. Also, Beech is in Normal, not Bloomington. Those signers don’t qualify. Saw a duplicate signer, Jose. Unit 5 board President signed it–that’s troubling. A McLean County board member signed–no surprise. Residents of White Place, Clinton Blvd. and Fell are well represented. Very enlightening.


    1. Would you be kind enough to enter the Petitin Page Number and line number for the Beech signature and any other troubling signatures that you found? Thank you


      1. Happy to help. As I went through the pages again, I found the following issues: p. 19 line 6 & p. 23 line 5, Jose Pena, 806 W. Oakland. P. 24 line 1, Karen Pfost, no address. P. 28 line 12 Tamara Allen, 1712 Rockingham is in Normal. P. 37 line 3 Brooks W. 157 Gregory is in Normal. P. 42 line 3 1522 Beech is in Normal. P. 42 line 4, 1533 Beech is in Normal. P. 55 line 5 1402 Franklin is in Normal. P. 58 line 15 Fred Mike, 1812 College Ave. is in Normal. P. 64 line 9 illegible. P. 67 line 13 2894 Shepard Rd. is in Normal. P. 55 lines 4, 8, & 10 at 201 E. Emerson, Harriett Fuller Rust House, IWU students.


  3. Working on a line by line analysis and mapping them out. Obviously, takes a lot of time. But already, have identified over a dozen non residents (some not mentioned above), several known non US citizens, and the usual collection of Marxists, anarchists, sexual deviants and assorted Leftists Loons that you would expect to crawl out of the woodwork in a “Progressive” city like Bloomington. “But also some good people”…I guess.


  4. Let the FredUp Post from 12/1 @12.34am be a shining example as the types of incompentents that Renner surrounds himself with. Example: Can’t even get petitions filled out right. What idiots!


  5. We must be careful of guilt by association. Just because you sign someone’s petition does not mean you’re voting for that person or that you support them. Often times the signature gathering process can be rather intimidating. People have a hard time saying no and just sign so they don’t have to. By signing all it means is that you support their right to be on the ballot. Personally I hope Tari is on the ballot because it will force him to defend his record which is indefensible.
    The real issue is who is helping him circulate his petitions and it’s the usual crop of left wing, tax loving hikers we’ve all seen before. This just shows the influence they have in Tari’s administration.
    But, true to point, Tari needs to fill this out correctly and cross out names of people who don’t qualify. At best he was sloppy with his petition process. At worse, he lied about it. Both disqualify him among other issues from being reelected.


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