Paging Andy Byars:

By: Diane Benjamin

Have some fun, click here:

Know who owns that website? I hope you noticed the wind turbines, it isn’t just about EV’s.

The Town of Normal owns it – the phone number goes to Planning.

Take another trip here:

That link should show a registered lobbyist named RECALL STRATEGIES, LLC

Next click on View Registration.

Page 2 shows RECALL STRATEGIES LLC has 3 clients they lobby for:

Page 3 shows what they lobby for:

Enel says right on their website they want 100% clean energy

Invenergy builds wind farms, many of them in central Illinois.

Leeward Renewable speaks for itself.

Obviously RECALL STRATEGIES doesn’t lobby for coal or petroleum.

Keep go down the filing to page 4:

One of the candidates for Normal Town Council works for RECALL STRATEGIES LLC: Andy Byars.

Electing a registered lobbyist is pretty close to electing and then appointing the General Manager of WGLT – RC McBride.

(It’s a private club to run your life)

Andy was appointed to the Planning Commission by Chris Koos. The Town website shows his term expired in March of 2022, he’s still a member however:

Who circulated petitions for Byars to run for Council?—Trustee—A-Byars—Nov-2022

Since Andy calls himself a Republican, John McIntyre got signatures.

So did Sonja Reece.

So did Julie Hile and her “partner” Bob Broad

So did Chris Koos

So did Kevin McCarthy and Kathleen Lorenz

Last year the Planning Commission met 8 times. They only meet as needed. Byars missed 2 of those 8 meetings – that’s 25%.

If Byars is elected to the Council is he going to miss 25% of those meetings?

One thing is clear: Chris Koos only appoints people he knows will do his bidding, he doesn’t even tell the public who in advance. King Koos demands the council do whatever he tells them to do, obviously voting for his picks is one of them.

The April election will be easy for Koos to steal through mail in voting. Silly you thought it was about helping more people vote. It never was, it’s about collecting mail-in votes from uniformed people.

Voting is now a joke, but if you stay home the joke is on you!

6 thoughts on “Paging Andy Byars:

  1. In our little patch of cornfield , those with the power to appoint ONLY make appointments to those personal and political allies that are 100% controllable and on board with the current agenda.

    Haven’t you figured that out yet ?

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  2. Lobbyist Andy Byars helped pass the bill that took away local zoning control for putting up windmill farms and gave that power to the state. I want no part of someone who wants to give Chicago more power to dictate to us down state.

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  3. An EV lobbyist running for public office in an EV town…no conflict of interest there. I wonder if his campaign is being funded by his employer. Could the council gig be just another lobbying job?

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  4. Did anyone notice the condition of the streets in video compared to the trail? Trail ,pristine pavement roads cracked and the guardrails we were pathetic wood . Ev s costs thousands of dollars just to drive on cracked pavement?
    Who was this Lucille lady? Related to Koos or Pam Reese? Your tax dollars hard at work. How many streets could have been fixed with the money spent on this piece of propaganda?

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