UPDATE: Hauman’s petitions

Monday is the last day to file a protest.  Let me know if you are going to file.

Update #2 – Her petitions ARE been examined for a possible challenge!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Diana Hauman’s petitions should also have been challenged.  Today might be the last day to do so, not sure.  If you want to file a protest, call the Bloomington Election Commission and ask how:  888-5136

She has 4 pages with the bottom not completed:

hauman2She also has many places where the address looks to have been written by the same person.  The signatures would need to be checked:

hau2This is page 38.  All the petitions can be seen here:  http://www.becvote.org/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/DianaDeSioHauman.pdf







  1. sticky bean says:

    Alot of them list “Blm” as the city. Is that legal?


  2. What A Fool Believes says:

    Yes, Illinois law says the can abbreviate the city and state. But look at the sloppiness! OMG, if they can’t follow simple directions they ought not be running for public office!


    • It’s the same effort put into preparing for making decisions. They make little or no effort into researching the topic before them for voting.


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