Hearing set on Tari’s petitions

By:  Diane Benjamin

The hearing will be Monday 9:00 am at the Government Center – Room #403

This hearing is open to the public.  Kevin Gerrard will appreciate your support.

So far only WGLT has covered the story:  http://wglt.org/post/attempt-filed-knock-bloomington-mayor-ballot#stream/0

Renner called the review frivolous.  Kevin and his team have flagged over 300 signatures as well as other irregularities, not frivolous.

I’m hearing some other candidates also failed to file proper petitions and will be tossed off the ballot.  That news should be coming soon.





11 thoughts on “Hearing set on Tari’s petitions

  1. I looked Tari’s petitions over last night and he was extremely sloppy with the whole thing. One thing I noticed right away is he has a lot of husbands signing for wives and wives signing for their husbands. In cases where people are not registered voters or people who live outside the city of Bloomington, that could be an issue of the signers not being truthful. In the case of the scenario above, the petitioners should know better and Tari should take the time to correct all of these mistakes before turning in his petitions. He didn’t and that just goes to show his belief that he’s above the rules. Time for a new mayor.

    1. Well said. Renner makes a mockery of the law and the democratic process.
      Renner has claimed other of his actions as redicuous or frivolous but was proven wrong.

  2. How many signatures have to be invalidated to get him removed from the ballot? Does he have time to gather more if he needs them to stay on the ballot?

  3. The whole process is very cumbersome and for a newby even overwhelming. Tari, however, has no excuse. This isn’t his first rodeo. Good gosh, the guy has a PhD in politics and this is what he submits!

  4. Diane, Is there a minimum number of candidates to have a Feb. primary? I assume 2 or more? Wish Hauman would fail in her petition. I have known Fike since he was little, his brother and sis too. His dad was in my airplane partnership in 1973-4 at Clark aviation back then. We live in what used to be a pretty nice town growing up. But it’s gone to hell in a handbasket thanks to asses like Renner and his sock puppets, and others over the years. We need a lot of fresh blood on the council, and in IL as well. I really don’t know if any are worth voting for, and that’s sad to say…


      1. Is the deadline to file as a write in also passed? Tari could do that and force a run off. Or he may stay out and let the conservative vote get split between Bayne and Lower thus resulting in Dianne H becoming mayor.

        Where does Fike fall in the political spectrum? If he is liberal then it becomes more interesting. Otherwise Dianne wins in a landslide.

        Also, please correct me if I’m misreading the situation or if there is information I’m missing.

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