Stanford Police needs to explain

By:  Diane Benjamin

My understanding is when a Stanford Police officer is on duty they contact Metcom to report they are available to take calls.  Metcom keeps track of the hours and calls taken.

Note:  ST1 is Chief Petrey

petriThe record shows him working only on August 16th for 9.5+ hours.

This is Metcom’s record for the same time period – 8/12/16 through 8/25/16 – it shows ST1 had no police activity: (click to enlarge)

This is Petrey’s paycheck for the same time period:  (click to enlarge)
How did Petrey patrol for 9.5 hours and get paid for 27 hours?

Lots of paperwork?




4 thoughts on “Stanford Police needs to explain

  1. My friends from Hudson say the chief is never seen. that guy is full time. This must be a common thing.

      1. Well perhaps it is the reporter. Why not check into other locations like Bentown or Holder, maybe Covell?

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