Stanford Police needs to explain

By:  Diane Benjamin My understanding is when a Stanford Police officer is on duty they contact Metcom to report they are available to take calls.  Metcom keeps track of the hours and calls taken. Note:  ST1 is Chief Petrey The record shows him working only on August 16th for 9.5+ hours. This is Metcom’s record […]

Allin Township: Guilty of noncompliance

By:  Diane Benjamin Last November I wrote about the ever-changing hourly wages paid to Josh Deterding: There was always more to the Deterding story than media has reported.  Investigations should have included public officials. Josh filed a complaint with the Illinois Department of Labor.  They found in his favor and ordered Allin Township to […]

Allin Fire – Say What?

By:  Diane Benjamin See what the Allin Fire Protection District reported to the State of Illinois here for the year ended 5/30/2015: The link shows Revenues of $208,281 It shows Expenses of $203,005 _________________ According to this document:  Allin Fire Revenues were $238,906.88 (including a $45,000 operating loan) Expenses were $237,647.56 Neither number is […]

Allin Township Fire-laws matter!

By:  Diane Benjamin On November 12th I wrote about the illegal time change for the Allin Township Fire Protection District meeting: The minutes from the meeting show people did show up late.  Were they expecting the meeting to be at the regular time of 7:00 pm?  See the minutes below. The time wasn’t the […]

Allin Fire: Was 2015 report correct?

By:  Diane Benjamin Below is the debt report Allin Fire Protection District made to the Illinois Comptroller’s Office.  Note:  The report shows debt at year-end (May 31, 2015) of $167,000.  See the report here: The report correctly shows a new loan of $45,000 Minutes 12-10-2014 The ambulance purchase reported here: is still not […]

Allin Fire: Truth report

By:  Diane Benjamin Agencies of government in Illinois are required to file reports with the Comptroller’s office.  Below is a screen shot of the 2014 report for the Allin Fire Protection District showing debt.  The District’s fiscal year runs from 6/1/13 through 5/31/14.  The report below shows $90,000 in new debt during fiscal year 2014.  […]