Does Renner know what TRUTH is?

By:  Diane Benjamin

See the report issued by the Bloomington Election Commission in this post:

The document clearly shows Tari Renner submitted 785 signatures and after the line-by-line review he ended up with 581.  That means 204 signatures were found to be invalid.

2041 204




Below is an email a citizen sent to Tari Renner:


Renner sent this response:


Tari wasn’t done yet – this is a picture of his email, exactly as he wrote it.  Auto-correct must be turned off:


Renner’s delusions continued on his campaign Facebook page:

griff4How do you explain those 204 tossed signatures Mayor?

Fake News – made possible by the local media who aren’t asking questions or demanding truth!

It’s about the law mayor – you can’t demand citizens follow it while you think it doesn’t apply to you.





3 thoughts on “Does Renner know what TRUTH is?

  1. This guy’s ego is unbelievable. There is no way he’d survive in the real world. If he’s going to respond to a citizen and try to show how enlightened he is, he could at least proofread his emails. But maybe even the LAWS OF GRAMMAR and SPELLING don’t apply to his superior mind.

    God what a tool.


  2. This guy TEACHES school??? He doesn’t capitalize properly, his paragraphs are on going, and he says “people don’t sign their names anymore” TRY that on your next check!! A signature is a SIGNATURE to a printed “element”, which can be copied much easier, hence it’s use in LEGAL documents.
    And just for the cool whip on the pumpkin pie, he had JESSE SMART on standby as a witness- MY Christmas is here, as I’m going to be laughing until New Years on that one.
    I’m truly at a loss here of WHAT part of LAWS he doesn’t get…..


  3. The response from Renner is of no surprise. Another useful idiot riding the coat sleeves of the left who just lost the white house, the senate, and the house. The left’s days are numbered. Then they go down in flames. Spectactular!


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