Why the Bloomington Council needs DUMPED!

By:  Diane Benjamin

A few meetings ago the Council voted to release some Executive Session minutes.  I FOIA’d what they agreed to release.  See what I received here:  foia-exec-sessions

Executive Sessions are their very frequent SECRET meetings to discuss the City Manager’s Salary, land purchases, lawsuits, and contract negotiations.

Discussions pertaining to TOM HAMILTON who hasn’t been City Manager for 8 years are still a secret.  Ditto with David Hales.  The majority of the current Council doesn’t want you to know who gushes over the City Manager and hands him a salary higher than what the Governor is paid.  You have a right to know which ones!

This FOIA is the perfect example of ZERO transparency.  I don’t know why they voted to release the minutes when much of it is redacted!

Click on the link above – you won’t learn much.  Here’s an example.  The Council only has one employee, so they were discussing David Hales:


Exciting stuff!

Hales got a big raise on May 9th:  https://blnnews.com/2016/05/10/must-see-slobber-fest/

Here’s what you can do:

Elect different people!  There is NO reason to not release  information YEARS after it happened, or current info on the City Manager unless they have something to hide.  Voters deserve to know what the Council thought of Tom Hamilton, the only reason the minutes haven’t been released is at least two people are still on the Council.

Replace the clueless (Painter, Mwilambwe, Renner, and put a conservative in to replace Fruin), transparency will dramatically increase!

Releasing these redacted minutes is a slap in the face to taxpayers.





10 thoughts on “Why the Bloomington Council needs DUMPED!

    1. Painter got the Hersey Road project in Ward 5 trashed because those who live on Hersey did not want the widening of the road or stop lights. That doesn’t mean she refrains from voting as Renner wants her to.


      1. And she got the speed linit reduced to 30 mph. No trafic study north of college. No input from garing heights. Jim fruin is such a loser.


    1. Government’s first job is to protect the freedom and liberty of the citizens. Citizens have been intimidated to believe the job is really tough. The part that is tough is saying No to Quality of Life that is now stealing the Quality of Life from every citizens but the rich.


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