Must see slobber fest

By:  Diane Benjamin

David Hales got his raise last night with only Alderman Lower voting no.  Lower stated Hales salary is not representative of the local economy and that other employees will expect the same raise.  Considering the Hales’ review took many Executive Sessions, I imagine Lower’s comments and probably more were expressed behind closed doors too.  Of course, the taxpayers will never know – it’s a SECRET.

He got the raise because he is doing exactly what the left-wing Council wants from him:  consultants, un-affordable Master Plans, and budgets meant to grow the size and scope of government.  Add NO CUTS and Hales is the perfect guy for the job.  Forget my lawsuit for failure to protect taxpayer money, details, details.

The former conservative Alderman David Sage has a man-crush on Hales.  He decided to verbalize it last night.  Just hit play:




12 thoughts on “Must see slobber fest

  1. Diane,
    Thank you for using the phrase “Left wing Council”, because that is exactly what it is.
    Every action they take is rooted in an ideological framework of soft Marxism, statism, hostility to free-enterprise and private property, and virulent hatred of Conservatives.
    We need to relentlessly pound this home–their fundamental, and fantastically destructive, anti-Americanism and eagerness to destroy all visages of the traditional values the Twin Cities were built and once thrived upon. Why I now call it “San Francisco On the Prairie”.


  2. Perhaps Mr. Sage should review the real definition of “a fair and reasonable person” and “objective” before using those to describe Hales performance again. After about 1.5 minutes, I had to hit the pause button as I could not take any more of the slobber festation.


  3. I have never seen Sage thank the tax payers whose money he seizes from their families to pay for their little pet projects. Instead he praised the man who suggests they take it. Absolutely disgusting.


  4. I congratulate you MUDD! You have a BETTER constitution then I do! I can only take so MUCH butt-sucking! Bet that gets sage first seat at the ole “hog trough”! Walt Bittner would just be rolling in his grave about now on that unearned praise. So would McGraw! That is just PURE and simple suck up cronyism!


      1. I know he ran unopposed. He never responds to emails. Never addresses issues of citizens in his ward. He probably feels he doesn’t have to.


    1. Well, at least yours actually shows up for the meetings. Mine can’t seemed to be bothered half of the time.


  5. The entire business part of the meeting was painful to watch. During Aldermanic comment–Mayor: “the Pantagraph surveyed the public about the shared sales tax.” I saw no survey–not that surveying the public matters. (Tax-payer supported (non governmental entities) “B/N Advantage, Chamber of Commerce endorse the idea.” “I’ll be having (my free) lunch with Mr. Koos this week to discuss (decide)…” Disgusting!


  6. Disgusting is REALLY an understatement! As tax paying citizens in this town, we have NO say, I seriously believe that the folks in ancient Roma had MORE of a voice with the lions-at least when THEY were done with you, they BURPED! As for Sage, Time wounds ALL heels, he was an arrogant person in his young days also.


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