Destroying Illinois, one business at a time

By:  Diane Benjamin

State Farm isn’t growing here.  Formally local jobs now exists in other states.  Send Mike Madigan a thank-you card.

A recent report rated all 50 States from Best to Worst for business.

See this story:

Celebrate now – Illinois is number 48.  Businesses and jobs will never return to Illinois as long as Democrats block reforms.


Add this story:

Quote:  According to the website Caterpillar Inc. is coming to downtown Tucson, bringing hundreds of six-figure jobs to the region, Arizona’s governor and local officials announced on May 3rd.

I wonder where those hundreds of six-figure jobs are moving from?

Where’s Mike Matejka?  Scott Black?  Tari Renner?

Do all you BIG Democrats like watching Illinois implode?

Are you all too chicken to stand up to Madigan?

So far, citizens see no proof you opposed his failing agenda.

Tari, why would a hotel want to build in Bloomington?  Because you will hand them money?

Maybe next year Illinois can achieve the lowest possible rating for business.  Thanks Democrats.

Gee, number 49 and 50 are dominated by Democrats too.  Coincidence?





6 thoughts on “Destroying Illinois, one business at a time

  1. Must be frustrating for you to understand why so few support your cause.

    It’s how you present your position Diane.

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    1. Tom, of what “cause” do you speak? Disseminating researched facts? If Bloomington or the State of Illinois were business friendly, there would be no problem attracting a company to replace the loss of Mitsubishi–no problem increasing the tax base from an influx of companies and jobs.
      Perhaps, you can explain your “cause” for posting on this site.


  2. Guess where some of the CAT jobs are coming from in order to move to Tucson? Good ‘ole Conservative savior Scott Walker’s state of Wisconsin! What are they on the list? 11? Wonder what type of tax incentives they will get and for how long so we can start a pool for when it gets Mitsubishi’d.


  3. AZ is also a right-to-work state, so that kind of money is HUGE down there! I can somewhat see CAT moving there for “logistic” reasons, as a good percentage of the U.S. copper is mined there, and a huge new mine is planned for the Superior area that will have a 20 year life span or better. So put the consultants, workers, engineers, etc. WHERE they are needed and NOT where YOU think they should be-hear that TARI!


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