Renner wants to abolish Video Gaming?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Renner was on WJBC this morning:


I think the interview has been moved – try this link:

He REALLY hates video gaming because the machine owners are making way too much money.  He actually mentioned a guy who told him he invested $1 million in his business, Renner calculated when he recouped his money.  He should have added:  “You didn’t build that”.

Those folks dropping coins in a machine while sitting on a stool are evidently really violent!  Renner wants much more of the profits for policing.

The City makes hundreds of thousands of dollars from these machine for doing NOTHING but cashing the checks.  Through March 2016, and just 9 months of receipts, the City has pocketed $528,859.

Mayor Marxist doesn’t think citizens OR people passing through town and dropping bucks in these machines have a right to do so.  He keeps claiming the money played is coming out of the economy.  No MM, it’s being redistributed through capitalism, I realize that’s like speaking Greek to you Mayor.

Yes, he mentioned at the very end of the interview OUTLAWING the machines.  Of course, the Council would be protecting citizens.

Why didn’t the City care when private clubs (that weren’t really private) illegally had these machines for decades – and paid the winners?

Evidently citizens must be forced to attend events at the Coliseum and BPCA because MM so orders.

Remember, Buragas claimed while running for office the Coliseum lost money because people don’t go – it’s your fault.  See this story:

Renner also talked about the downtown TIF.  All the references made during Council meetings like “paying for this study” or “the TIF creation documents doesn’t mean it’s going to happen” are lies.

Tari wants what he wants and his stacked Council will give it to him.  He will be a one-term mayor because downtown culminates right before the election early next year when it will be fresh in everybody’s mind.

He also talked glowingly about all his the job creation:  Hy-Vee, GreenTop, Kroger, Ovation Theater, Dick’s Sporting Goods.  He neglected to mention the Mitsubishi closing and how NONE of these jobs come close to the wages paid there.

The only good paying jobs now are with government (by design).  It makes tyranny much easier.



14 thoughts on “Renner wants to abolish Video Gaming?

  1. Maybe instead of MM looking for every avenue of attaining revenue he should be looking at cutting expenses at city hall. One being the hiring of consultants and having to many over paid managers. MM and the city council less one had no hesitance in giving the city manager a raise again. The raping of the taxpaying citizens continues as usual.

    The best thing that could happen in 2017 is voting MM out of office as well as many of the existing council members for a more conservative and fiscal responsible group.


  2. That will show those greedy bar owners. If they won’t give me more then I’ll take it all away from them and they can’t have any! Hahahahahaha! Once again the attitude of a spoiled rotten little kid, kicking and screaming cause momma won’t let him eat all of the his baby sisters birthday cake.


  3. What a joke! Green Top is nowhere near being built but possibly creating some short-term jobs while providing very few long-term jobs only paying minimum wage. Kroger plans to move its current employees to the new store–probably the same is true for Dicks Sporting Goods. No mention of the lost jobs from the closing of K-Mart. I heard a report on the radio about 50 new jobs being created here. The employer is a pizza place–WOW! The propaganda is sickening. Citizens only hear and read what the local media provides which is regurgitated gruel.


  4. Your argument is nonsense. Money in a machine goes to the bar owner.

    Lol that basic economics escapes you.

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  5. If Renner does away with gambling does that mean that he and council will also discontinue gambling on studies, consultants, and the downtown revitalization at the taxpayers expense? If not then clearly the mayor abhors the citizens gambling with their own money. Just leave all the gambling decisions to tyrant Tari mayor in chief. This mayor does not represent the citizens. He only represents special interests and his own ego.


    1. Sounds to me the Mayor and Alderwoman Painter are starting a local Temperance League. Booze and gambling cause riots in the street.


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