County Board: Interesting filings

By: Diane Benjamin

Please read to the BOTTOM!

County Board candidates who filed for office are listed below by District. Since redistricting you get to vote for two this year, a drawing will be held after the election to see who gets a 2 year term and who gets 4 years.

District 2 will have a primary since 3 Republicans are running. Two of the candidates should challenge the residency of the third NOW.

Democrats could take over the County Board if they win all 14 seats they are running for. District 9 will have a Democrat primary. With an expected Red wave in November that seems unlikely and good for County taxpayers.

District 10 Democrat candidate Beirne is a Unit 5 music teacher who stated he would violate the law to continue teaching Critical Race Theory principles:

He shouldn’t be anywhere close to kids, he definitely shouldn’t be on the County Board!

See the County District map here:—Countywide








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