Crabill: Rising revenues mean SPEND

By: Diane Benjamin

It was nice to see everyone back in the same room last night and not mumbling through masks!

While inflation is raging and gas prices are wiping out disposable income, Jeff Crabill sees increased revenues to the City as a pot of gold. He claims there were things they couldn’t do in previous years, now they can:

Prior to Crabill’s comment, Sheila Montney spoke about the 1/2% increase to the Sales Tax rate under Tari Renner for the “structural deficit”. She wants to look at eliminating that to help citizens since that deficit no longer exists. Don’t hold your breath folks.

One thing the City and Council will never mention publicly: Electric vehicles will increase the price of electricity because no one is making more cheap electricity.

Offending Rivian with the truth isn’t allowed. By the way, Rivian stock price is jumping today from a few cents down to a few cents up – currently at $35.65.







One thought on “Crabill: Rising revenues mean SPEND

  1. Don’t hold your breath for anyone in the local media or local leadership to ever tell you the truth about what is really going on with Rivian. The lawsuits are already starting to fly from prospective customers and others. Board members are also beginning to question future production figures, pricing and if Clark Kent has a clue what he is doing as a businessman.


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