Bloomington’s Year in Review

By: Diane Benjamin

Instead of listening to the City Manager list all of the accomplishments last year, Kathrine Murphy narrated a video. It is an engaging way to present the information.

Entertaining and worth your time – just hit play.

4 thoughts on “Bloomington’s Year in Review

  1. Molly Ward Talks again about establishing a gun violence committee but offers no real solution to identifying the root causes. She uses the most recent tragedy in Bloomington to say that gang influence is not the only the role in gun violence. Molly,start by profiling all those that rob, kill, or maim another human being, by profiling I mean look at those individuals in total. Their background in total, family life and character publish it for all to see and make sure that those that use guns for violent illegal purposes get locked up for a long time, they made the choice to commit the crime.
    The FOID has been in Illinois for years and gun violence continues to escalate gee you think those that own guns for violence are going to sign up for an FOID (firearm owners identification) I don’t think so.
    The family unit has all but disappeared for certain segments of our society, children having children not one but multiple with no father figure in the picture has been going on now for several generations and at the same time gun violence continues to grow.
    Bloomington Normal used to be what you would call a bedroom community,little or no violence but what do you see happening not only gun violence but violence in the schools at all ages, do some research on the background for those doing the violence, then I believe you will discover the root of the problem. Maybe even establish a family unity committee instead of a gun violence committee.
    Remember guns don’t kill people people kill people.

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    1. Everyone still trapped in BN should send a thank you letter and a dozen long stemmed roses to the Chamber of Commerce and most notably Julie Dobski who had the bright idea of actively recruiting south and west side Chicago ghetto types to work in the service industries in BN when they believed they had a labor shortage years ago. The mommas and grandma’s came along with their gang member kids and other assorted relatives. But that wouldn’t be a reason for the increased violence would it? Community leadership at its finest.

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