Illinois has the highest State and Local Taxes!

By: Diane Benjamin

WalletHub is out with a new report as of 3/7/2022. It shows Illinois is #1 with an effective State and Local tax rate of 15.01%. The lowest overall tax state is Alaska – 5.84%. Click below and page down.

Keep clicking down and you will see this:

This proves why people are leaving Illinois for RED states. It also proves why the local City Councils have automatic fee increases built in. Why aggravate citizens by voting if you don’t have to!

Reserved the U-Haul yet? With so many people leaving Illinois, it might be cheaper to rent one where you are moving to, load it up in Illinois and return it in your new state. It’s much more expensive to start here because Illinois leasers don’t have a supply available.

Illinois is #50 in gas taxes. Only California is higher. Fill the U-Haul tank elsewhere. Headed to Missouri? They have the 5th lowest.







13 thoughts on “Illinois has the highest State and Local Taxes!

  1. Blue states support the red ones. Why not post that information?

    As always one side of the story and usually wrong.

    1. @Tom
      Why don’t you post that information? You’re supposed to prove your own theories, not posit them and then demand someone else prove it for you, genius.

      Not to mention, it sounds like you WANT to pay taxes. You know you can just give all your money to the government without them asking, don’t you? I hear Pelosi or Waters needs a bigger house. Maybe Sanders can buy yet ANOTHER house while I lose the one I live in.

      Taxes are theft. Prove me wrong.

  2. And Bloomington/Normal’s local government says spend, spend, spend!
    Don’t forget to turn the lights out when you leave. If you were still able to afford electricity.

  3. When your Town Manager of only 50k people makes $270k a year
    …your roads are crap
    …the town’s Christmas display marvels that of the Magnificent Mile
    …she gives her staff $280k of taxpayer money out as retirement gifts on to top of their lifetime pensions
    …gas taxes are spent on bike trails instead of roads
    …and she spends her free time as a Country Club elite to avoid interacting with middle class taxpayers…
    then expect to pay high taxes.
    I don’t get why people are surprised taxes are so high when they hire and elect spenders.

  4. Doesn’t everyone realize the BN and Illinois corruption train never reaches a final destination? It doesn’t matter who is in office. Either they eventually get corrupted or there aren’t enough people that choose to represent the citizens and stand up to it. If you are really serious about putting an end to government picking your wallet and changing your life for the better, you will make the decision to leave. Don’t tell me you can’t do it because you can. Be miserable and stay or be a grown up and move to a conservative state,. Otherwise, you are just like most people in.BN, full of talk.

  5. Thank heavens for IL taxes !
    What you bitter conservatives call high taxes I call my future retirement income stream.
    My IL municipal pension is going to spend well in a nice warm state.
    So keep working and pay those taxes and keep voting. Democrat..
    and enjoy the weather !

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