Grossinger Motors Arena isn’t and more

By: Diane Benjamin Budget book 2 – PDF page 132 The paragraph below sure sounds like the City let Grossinger Motors off the hook for naming rights long before the contract was over last summer. Grossinger is still on the building anyway. The City still refers to it at Grossinger anyway. The EXCESS reserves […]

Illinois has the highest State and Local Taxes!

By: Diane Benjamin WalletHub is out with a new report as of 3/7/2022. It shows Illinois is #1 with an effective State and Local tax rate of 15.01%. The lowest overall tax state is Alaska – 5.84%. Click below and page down. Keep clicking down and you will see this: This proves why people […]

I can finally write about the meeting!

By: Diane Benjamin Let’s start with the City finally releasing the financial statements: This note was written by the auditors: Proving yet again laws are immaterial, November 22, 2021 is past SIX MONTHS. The City has now used the same auditor for 6 years. Since the audits aren’t looking for fraud, using the same […]

Update to yesterday’s “Error” story

By: Diane Benjamin Link to the original story: The loss to the Water Department is likely much greater than I estimated. The charge to businesses is based on the size of the line. The $6.80 per month that should have increase to $27.20 a month is for a 1 inch line. Automatic increases mean […]