Proof Science isn’t driving ANYTHING!

By: Diane Benjamin

Update to Region 2 (McLean County is in it) – Last 30 Days Outbreak Locations:

Not listed: Restaurants and Bars.

Tari Renner and Chris Koos are prosecuting them anyway for refusing to kneel before Pritzker.

Watch the Normal Town Council refuse to make decisions with facts next Monday.

8 thoughts on “Proof Science isn’t driving ANYTHING!

  1. Rather curious! Total deaths for the population hasn’t at all, or very little. Less than one percent. What is amazing? Deaths attributed to heart disease, cancer, and respiratory all declined while COVID became the number 1 source of deaths in 2020. What a coincidence!

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    1. Permanently close down all bars and restaurants and you will not make a dent in Covid deaths.
      Look at it this way – we have two populations in Illinois. Long Term Care residents and Non LTC residents.

      11,940,000 – Illinois population not living in LTC facilities
      60,000 – Illinois population living in LTC facilities
      15,700 – total Covid deaths in Illinois
      50% of all the Covid deaths are residents of LTC facilities.
      So using these numbers –

      Death rate for non LTC population – 0.07% (bars and restaurant population)
      Death rate for LTC population – 13% (185% higher than Non LTC population)

      What kind of science says that we need to focus on wearing masks and closing down bars and restaurants to reduce Covid deaths?

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  2. Neither is there any evidence that our schools are super spreaders as we’re being led to believe. Unit 5 is starting to wake up to this reality, but even still the best we can get out of them right now is a return to a hybrid model starting January 11. This is a step in the right direction, but for this parent it’s not going far enough. The dumbing down of our children has got to stop and we need a return to in person learning as early as possible in 2021.

    Then, there’s the IHSA. What can I say? They’ve invited JB to their next meeting to try to work out a winter sports schedule, but whether JB shows up remains to be seen. As Randy Kindred says in today’s Pantycrap, I’ve got a better chance of finding a million dollars in my mailbox than JB working with the IHSA for the benefit of our student athletes.

    Pritzker sucks the life out of our kids

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  3. Notice the coordinated attack on:
    1. Bars
    2. Restaurants
    3. Churches
    4. Gatherings at private homes

    What do all these things have in common? It’s where like-minded people get together to share ideas and organize. Pretty easy to figure out. And with masks on, you aren’t going to have a meeting at Menard’s or Krogers. We are being positively lied to and manipulated on a massive scale.

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  4. Notice the ATTACKS on YOUR rights in general! THAT alone should MAKE you want to vote in ANY election. IT’s ALL ABOUT CONTROL! The Demonrats SAY they want unity, YES, but ONLY through YOU believing in WHAT they say is RIGHT and the TRUTH, like Gays, Homosexuals, Bisexuals, Abortions, Sex Changes, Alternative lifestyles and pretty much ANY other thing NOT allowed in the bible. PAYING ATTENTION JENN??
    We CANNOT shoot demonrats, but we DAMN sure as hell can RUN THEM OUT OF TOWN!!

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  5. Another thing that has not been addressed is the fact that many seniors , especially those who live alone, and even many “middle agers” in that 45-60 range rely on meeting for coffee, lunch, breakfast etc in restaurants/cafes etc. either with just a friend or two or in groups. This is an important part of their social life and I know for a fact many are missing it terribly. They miss their once a month or once a week girls get together or guys get together. These restrictions on bars and restaurants, churches, small gatherings etc are, as has been already noted, places where ideas are shared and people can organize, it is also where and how many people simply connect in a human way with others. Restricting that is simply wrong, in so many ways, and truly, against our basic rights. I don’t know anywhere in Bloomington right now where you can go meet a friend and have a NICE, comfy meal together, and no I don’t want a “heated patio” or a tent – and why can you eat in a tent but not a solid structure? Oh, and I DON’T want “take-out” and it irks me to no end when people say “You can get delivery” or “You can get curbside” etc. I don’t want that, if I want that I’ll go to Burger King or Arbys or order a pizza as I have often done in the past, you know back when we actually had choices… That said I AM only supporting the independents right now the best I can, but it’s not the way I want to support them.

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