More proof Pritzker isn’t using science

By: Diane Benjamin

Below is the STATEWIDE outbreak locations for the last 30 days.

What’s missing? Restaurants and Bars. No, they aren’t all closed, some municipalities aren’t complying with meaningless Executive Orders and some businesses chose to stay open. They are being targeted because they are easy and without the resources to fight back.

If the Normal Town Council decides to pass an ordinance Monday to fine these businesses, those who vote yes have no future in politics.

Tari Renner’s legacy in Bloomington will be as a tyrant since he is using the Liquor Commission as punishment.

7 thoughts on “More proof Pritzker isn’t using science

  1. Tari’s legacy might be as part of a national media story about hypocrite democrat politicians breaking COVID quarantine (WITH symptoms, by the way) to go out in public to a gym. I wonder if he’s been on campus at IWU this week super spreading there as well? Might be worth a look.


  2. RE: Maggie Miley’s. Does anyone know who the partners are that own Medici? I note that ISU uses that place a lot for events. Just a hunch.


  3. According to the website you reference bars are the #6 leading location for new infections, and restaurants are #8 on the list. Maybe the chart you posted was outdated or new data was entered, because it definitely does not seem like the same information from the Dept of Health.


      1. That makes no sense. If bars and restuarants have been closed, then there can be no count of outbreaks in them in the last 30 days. Many bars and restaurants opted for forms of takeout (even before the new shutdown), which would reduce the number of patrons and mitigate the threat of the space being conducive for COVID-19 spreading. It seems like your mixing up the order of events and ovrlerlooking what are potentially significance variables affecting outcomes.


  4. What are these Governor’s and politician’s motivations?
    I don’t think they just hate bar and restaurant owners.
    Did they have to establish a method to combat the virus pre-election that also fulfilled their commitment to protect the democrats and harm Trump? Do they only continue with this just so they they don’t further expose their hypocrisy and real plan?
    Did political leadership like Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and their media require that they stick to a democrat talking point Covid policy in return for their support to get state debt bailouts?

    Does our fight against Covid boil down to a political tool?
    How much damage have the democrats caused in dollars, jobs, lives, sanity, social trust, political trust, children’s education, fearfulness in the future and national security, for the purpose of grasping power?

    Sadly our Republican politicians seem ready to return to just being satisfied with their own personal little piece of the pie and to heck with those deplorables. Of course they’ll have to be good little puppies and hope the democrat leadership doesn’t catch them doing something they don’t like.

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