Normal’s reputation after last night

By: Diane Benjamin If you already knew “right fit” businesses are all that matters in Normal, last night cemented their place in history for being unfriendly to business. The Town levied fines on Joe’s Stationhouse Pizza for daring to defy Pritzker’s spewings when the Illinois Constitution clearly states emergency powers last 30 days. It was […]

More proof Pritzker isn’t using science

By: Diane Benjamin Below is the STATEWIDE outbreak locations for the last 30 days. What’s missing? Restaurants and Bars. No, they aren’t all closed, some municipalities aren’t complying with meaningless Executive Orders and some businesses chose to stay open. They are being targeted because they are easy and without the resources to fight back. If […]


By: Diane Benjamin Congrats to Sen Jason Barickman for standing up to Pritzker yesterday and for small business owners here. We elect representatives to make laws but Governor Pritzker decided he is god and representative government is over-rated. We has forbidden our representatives from having a voice in the affairs of Illinois. It’s almost like […]

Bloomington last night

By: Diane Benjamin Even though the Financial Statements (CAFR) have been finished for at least a month, they were finally presented last night. The data was uploaded to the Comptroller’s site many weeks ago, why the City couldn’t take the time to release the data is a mystery. The auditor stated Bloomington is overpaying into […]

Tari: Forget your oath of office?

By: Diane Benjamin Vowing to uphold both the Constitution of the United States and the State of Illinois is beyond the left. Tari Renner proved that again at the emergency Liquor Commission meeting yesterday. See the short video clip as reported by Cities 92.9: Tari expect State Attorney Don Knapp to enforce Pritzker Executive […]

Normal: Professional Staff?

By:  Diane Benjamin For the second time in recent months Normal was incapable of live streaming with good audio.  The posted video still has the same problem, luckily it was fixed almost 13 minutes into the meeting.  About every 20 seconds the prior audio was replayed over the first.  In another 20 seconds a third […]

Bloomington Council Can’t Make Decisions

By:  Diane Benjamin Absent last night:  Jenn Carrillo and Jeff Crabill. Tari Renner claimed he is homeless because pipes broke in his house.  I wonder if he will be paying the likely high water bill?  I hope he didn’t opt out of the insurance that will cover part of the cost.  He was back from […]

Tari REALLY wants sued

By:  Diane Benjamin The Liquor Commission before Tari had (if I remember right) 7 members.  The King wanted to make all the decisions himself, so he now has two assistants, one of which is going to vote with Tari every time.  Only 3 members means Tari thinks and acts like he alone is the moral […]

Missing Minutes is a pattern

By:  Diane Benjamin In the past month I had to file a FOIA request for the missing Sister Cities Committee minutes: I also had to file for the minutes missing from the Police Safety and Community Relations Board (PSCRB): The March and April Liquor Commission minutes are also missing: Tari needs to tell […]

Council is immaterial now

By:  Diane Benjamin Under former Mayor Steve Stockton the Liquor Commission was headed by Stockton, but at least 5 citizens served on the Commission with him. Tari Renner decided on his own to only have two people on the Commission.  He got rid of the long time Commission members and picked two people he wanted.  […]

Council last night

By:  Diane Benjamin Mayor Renner was in Cuba, so Karen Schmidt conducted the meeting. The Coliseum got more of your money and it sounds like much more to come: Evidently the design of the Coliseum is REALLY bad – Hales plans to budget more changes to the building in coming years.  Watch the video starting […]

Tari proves he’s unfit to serve

By:  Diane Benjamin Problems surfaced months ago with the Liquor Commission when Tari wanted to raise Liquor Fees and Video Gaming licenses.  Tari conspired with one of the two other members of the Liquor Commission to make that happen.  Citizens deserve open, honest, and transparent discussions, Tari thought otherwise. A citizens filed NUMEROUS Request for […]

AG: Pending cases against Bloomington

By:  Diane Benjamin The Public Access division of the Attorney General’s office was designed to hold government accountable and give citizens a voice. As with Judy Stearns’ case against the City for violating the Open Meetings Act, justice can take years of mostly no action. I lost count of how many Request for Reviews have […]

Tari: Seriously, citizens deserve truth

By:  Diane Benjamin Tari was on WJBC again this morning:  Tari Renner Bloomington Mayor 8-10-16 Starting around 12:40 Tari discusses the Liquor Commission yet again.  Kudos to Scott Laughlin for questioning some of Tari’s statements. Tari is trying to justify the Open Meetings Act violations by using State Law.  He seems to forget Bloomington is […]

Tari seizes his throne Monday

By:  Diane Benjamin August 2nd I wrote a story about Bloomington’s Liquor Commission: Monday night Tari wants to be granted all power to enforce, permit, and control liquor in Bloomington.  From the agenda: From the packet page 238: The only “confusion regarding the authority of the local” Liquor Commission has been FOLLOWING […]

Renner/Hauman not attached?

By:  Diane Benjamin Diana Hauman first got a seat on the Council by being hand-picked by Tari Renner to fill a vacancy.  She was then elected in 2015. Every once in a while I’m surprised by Diana, like her objections to Geoffrey Tompkins’s appointment last Monday.  At other times, I just want to say:  REALLY? […]

More Renner violations

By:  Diane Benjamin Why are Minutes missing from Liquor Commission meetings?  The LAW requires approval within 30 days or the next meeting. Citizen Bruce Meeks filed a Request for Review with the Attorney General and they agreed to investigate:  42623 FI Let Meeks alleges: The 5/24/16 meeting did not have a quorum The only […]

Mike James is pretending

By:  Diane Benjamin Evidently the Downs Liquor Commission doesn’t meet very often.  See the reports on the Downs website here: The minutes from the April 2016 meeting won’t be approved until they meet again.  The agenda lists renewal of the Adkissons Liquor License.  There is NO discussion on the agenda pertaining to their violations […]

Tari sees objects ripe for fleece:

By: Diane Benjamin This is story #1 from the Saturday preview.  I wanted to begin with the County, but since there is a Bloomington City Council meeting tonight, I’m starting here.  Tari Renner is at the US Conference of Mayors in Indianapolis.  I don’t know if he will be back for the meeting tonight or […]

Downs Mayor: I make the laws

By:  Diane Benjamin First, Village Trustee Dan Lush no longer lives in Downs, he moved to Leroy.  Since Lush no longer lives in Downs, he can not vote in local elections.  Therefore his is not a “qualified elector”.  Dan:  I expect your immediate resignation.  If your voter’s registration isn’t changed in the next week, I […]

Renner 0, Council 2

by:  Diane Benjamin Mayor Renner has decided he makes all the rules on liquor licenses in Bloomington.  He made himself Chair of the Liquor Commission and appointed 2 others to the board.  One of them will go along with whatever Renner wants, not sure about the other one, but it doesn’t matter.  2 votes are […]

More Tyranny Tari – this time booze control

by:  Diane Benjamin I really appreciate the Bloomington website managers NOT updating it in a timely manner.  It makes my research easier. Below is what the Liquor Commission used to look like – note 5 members and the Professor. MEMBERS  POSITION NAME TERM EXP  Chair Renner, Tari N/A    Member Stockton, Stephen N/A    Member Jordan, […]