What’s Bloomington doing Monday?

by:  Diane Benjamin


Reports to me from people who attended last year:  Don’t take your kids:


The documentation doesn’t name the Parkview Inn, but this ordinance is so they can get back in the gaming business.  It’s generic in case another establishment with video gaming now is destroyed and rebuilt:


Tari Renner and Jenn Carrillo didn’t attend the grand re-opening.  Alderman Donna Boelen and former Alderman Karen Schmidt did.

The Council has to approve more Sick Leave Buy Back:

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The Liquor License for the Park Pantry is back.  The original document claimed after 6 months the business could ask to be open later than 11:00 pm.  I can’t tell if that provision is still included.

Question for Ajeet Singn:  

The neighbors would obviously welcome your establishment without alcohol.  What credible business plan invests money and opens for business in a location where it isn’t wanted?  

The people against a liquor license gathered signatures in the neighborhood.  Former Alderman Rob Fazzini is somehow assisting Singn.  They have petitions too, many signers don’t live in the neighborhood.  All of the petitions are included in the packet – beginning on PDF page 188

The vote at the Liquor Commission was one for and one against – both Renner appointees.  Tari voted YES to break the tie.  I hope the next mayor goes back to a 5-7 member commission and eliminates tyrant rule.  Liquor policy should not be controlled by one person regardless of what the State Liquor Commission claims.

The minutes of the most recent Liquor Commission meeting start on PDF page 122.  The date needs corrected, it didn’t take place in June.  Before the Park Pantry Liquor License was discussed, the commission approved another convenience/liquor store 2402 E Oakland.  That is the strip mall across the street from Jewell.  The approval for this location is not on the council agenda.

Evidently economic development means alcohol sales on every corner.



7 thoughts on “What’s Bloomington doing Monday?

  1. Another dirty little secret in BN is the use of kickbacks to “make things happen” as it were if someone was having a “problem.” None of it could ever be proven. Although not rampant, it was rumored to occur. It may have involved former mayors, city managers, builders and commercial realtors. A friend of mine was at a local restaurant years ago and saw a bag change hands with a local builder and former mayor. He was betting it wasn’t dirty laundry. Oh yes, it can happen here.

  2. When government and politicians grant exceptions to rules/regs on the books, it’s generally not out of the goodness of their hearts. There’s usually a political or other motivating factor. Wish Renner and Koos would come to the logical conclusion that a favorable business climate with basic rules and hands-off approach to the marketplace, in general, would yield better economic development. Speaking of economic development, wonder how amateur developers Tari and Trish are coming along with their plans for the soon to be vacant lot at the old State Farm HQ. Bet they’re foaming at the mouth.

      1. That’s rich! A Fortune 50 company asking a Socialist for help. Jenn, Jenn, Jenn…

  3. Asking JEN for help is about like blow drying your hair in a hurricane.
    BNDESERVES BETTER that’s ODD that you mention a “vacant lot” and Tari in the same sentence. I heard on the local liberal station this morning they had an “comment session” as it were, with Tari and the SF building, and his reply was something to the effect was he’d LIKE to have seen it sold, but when it’s torn down and LOT READY, it would be a good space for some kind of “downtown development” like a hotel. He gets a thought in his head, and it sticks there like a dingleberry on a wild animal..

  4. That’s rich! A Fortune 50 company asking a Socialist for help. Jenn, Jenn, Jenn…

    The poor thing doesn’t know any better, she can appear fairly “bright” at times, but is in truth most likely rather “limited”. Sad, really, a mind is a terrible thing to twist into such a state, and yet leftists do it with gusto and glee.

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