Downs Mayor: I make the laws

By:  Diane Benjamin

First, Village Trustee Dan Lush no longer lives in Downs, he moved to Leroy.  Since Lush no longer lives in Downs, he can not vote in local elections.  Therefore his is not a “qualified elector”.  Dan:  I expect your immediate resignation.  If your voter’s registration isn’t changed in the next week, I will file a complaint with the County Clerk.

This is the law for elective office:

electorI was asked by local residents to get involved in another issue because the Village of Downs Mayor, Mike James, told them documents required to be filed with the Village were none of their business.  One Trustee, Mary Goveia, asked for the Quarterly Liquor reports and was denied access.  Bars/Restaurants in Downs are required to file these reports to show they comply with local ordinances.  The ordinance clearly states that 60% of sales is required to come from sources other than liquor.  If it doesn’t, the restaurant is really a bar and should obtain a more expensive “Bar License”.  From the Downs website:

60Since the Mayor would not give the quarterly reports to a sitting Village Trustee, I obtained them under the Freedom of Information Act.  This is the report Trustee Goveia wanted to see:  Adkissons.LLC

Eight of the nine filed reports show Adkissons out of compliance with the ordinance.  The Mayor is not enforcing the law.   Why?

Have the Liquor Commission members seen these reports?  Besides the Mayor, they are Paul Blackwell and Vicki Prochnow.  If they haven’t seen the reports, why?  If they have seen the reports, laws don’t matter to them either?

Further, this statement is on every report filed:

signSome of the reports are signed on the Preparer’s Printed Name and Address by:  Kenneth Adkisson.  The preparer is required to be a Certified Public Accountant, a Tax Attorney, or a licensed Tax preparer in Illinois.  None of these reports appear to have been prepared by a qualifying person.  Some have the names redacted, there is no reason to redact a qualified preparer’s name and signature.

If you live in Downs:

Ask your Mayor why laws apply to you but not Kenneth Adkisson.  Mayor James is supposedly a public servant.   Liberty and justice for all means laws apply equally to everyone.  It looks like friends of government in Downs are exempt from the law.  James needs to explain why Village Ordinances only apply to people the Mayor wants them to.

The Village Trustees need to file a complaint against Adkisson’s Liquor License.

Mayor James, since you would not give Mary Goveia these reports, you need to explain why.  Trustees are elected to represent the people.  Mike, if you think you are above the law, it’s time for you to resign along with Dan Lush.  Citizens should demand it.

Reports Summary:

Page 18:  From 1/1/16 – 3/31/16          Out of compliance

non-Liquor Sales:  52.54%

Liquor Sales:  47.46%

Page 19:  From 10/1/15 – 12/31/15         Out of compliance

non-Liquor Sales:  42.67%

Liquor Sales:  57.33%

Page 20:  7/1/15 – 9/30-15       Out of compliance

non-Liquor Sales:  49.15%

Liquor Sales:  50.85%

Page 21:  4/1/15 – 6/30/15

non-Liquor Sales:  61.26%

Liquor Sales:  38.74%

Page 22:  1/1/15 – 3/31/15        Out of compliance

non-Liquor Sales:  47%

Liquor Sales:  53%

Page 23:  10/1/14 – 12/31/14    Out of compliance

non-Liquor Sales:  57%

Liquor Sales:  43%

Page 24:  September 2014    Out of compliance

non-Liquor Sales:  57%

Liquor Sales:  42%

Page 25:  August 2014           Out of compliance

non-Liquor Sales:  56%

Liquor Sales:  44%

Page 26:  July 2014                Out of compliance

non-Liquor Sales:  58%

Liquor Sales:  42%




6 thoughts on “Downs Mayor: I make the laws

    1. They know about it, don’t know if they will write about it or just leave it to me. They did write about a Bloomington issue today, my version will be up soon.


  1. Rennerism is corrupting the whole nation, and it’s assisted by Lisa Madigan who does what she darn well pleases. Really kind of strange that the business actually declared themselves non compliant, and the board /mayor just ignore it. Hope they are able to get over that 60% mark soon, but one would THINK the mayor , etc would make note of it. Course maybe their board is taking “Bloomington council lessons” too and NOT reading information totem, or doing their work. I blame them more then Adkinssons, as at least he’s not trying to hide it.


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