ASK for the write-in list

By: Diane Benjamin When you vote you can write-in anybody you want if a line is provided. Your vote will be meaningless if that person didn’t file to run as a Write-In candidate. Many people did file – your polling place is required to provide you with a copy of the write-in candidates if you […]

Downs: The audio

By:  Diane Benjamin I obtained the audio of the July Board meeting under the Freedom of Information Act.  I also requested the past due TIF reports and the 2015 audit report.  I was told “No records exist”.  Since Kenny Adkisson mentions on the audio receiving TIF funds, I did another FOIA for how much he […]

Downs Mayor: I make the laws

By:  Diane Benjamin First, Village Trustee Dan Lush no longer lives in Downs, he moved to Leroy.  Since Lush no longer lives in Downs, he can not vote in local elections.  Therefore his is not a “qualified elector”.  Dan:  I expect your immediate resignation.  If your voter’s registration isn’t changed in the next week, I […]