Renner is GUILTY

Re-posted only to change how it was originally posted.

By:  Diane Benjamin

The Attorney General finally ruled on the Open Meetings Act Violation filed in 2013 by then Alderwoman Judy Stearns!

A couple of weeks I wrote about Madigan’s failure to rule and asked readers to call.

I know at least a few of you did, maybe that’s why they finally got around to it.

The Pantagraph covered the story at the time:

It will be fun to see if they ignore it now!

In the story Renner called the accusations “total ridiculous”.  He claimed the discussions are exactly what should happen behind closed doors.

The Attorney General disagreed!

Bloomington may win awards for the information posted on their website, but being transparent isn’t just about a website Tari. You are a political science professor who circumvented the law for your “Culture Change”.   Why IWU continues to employee you is unfathomable.

See the AG ruling here:  27199 o 2a improper 2c1 proper improper mun-1

Public Access ruled that parts of the closed meeting were legal and parts were illegal.  The City must release the parts that aren’t legal, both a written transcript and the tape.  I have filed a FOIA request for both.

Note to Renner:  I know what is on the tape that wasn’t legal.  Don’t try to redact your embarrassing moments.

The ruling also shows the incompetence of the City’s legal department.  Todd Greenburg was already gone, so I don’t know who responded to the AG for the City.

Judy Stearns provided this comment on the ruling:

The public’s right to know what government is doing underlies all our most sacred rights as Americans.  If no one inside government demands the open meetings act be obeyed, the citizens will never know what the government illegally keeps secret.  Standing up for the citizen’s right to know was worth it even in the face of the abuse and insults I suffered at the hands of Mayor Renner and some on the city council.
Justice can be very slow, especially when a Madigan is invoked.  Renner vilified Stearns after this incident at nearly every meeting.  Judy was proven correct, Tari was proven guilty.
I will post the audio when I receive it.  City employees not already disgusted with Renner/Hales might be after they hear it.



  1. Right be for campaigning will begin!! It will be hard for Renner to dismiss this.


  2. This is awesome! He’s probably still employees because he has Tenure? I’m glad that Judy was honest! Too bad no one else was. Can’t wait to here the tape!


  3. God you act like you really did something. Delusional you are.

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    • Thanks for the comment. One of Tari’s kids? Adults normally have more depth of thought.


    • Ha! Ha! Poor Tom hates when Diane reports the truth! Maybe he works for the Pantagraph?


    • Diane exposed the Renner who hides in the shadows–behind the smoke and mirrors. The truth is revealed. Renner can’t handle the truth.


      • it is a fundamental part of Marxist ideology to view any form of deceit, dishonesty and criminality as excusable, even encouraged, if it advances “The Cause”. And Tari Renner is nothing if not an ideological Marxist.


    • It’s troubling when elected officials violate the statutes as if they weren’t relevant to them. I remember being on a school board and we always had an agenda to discuss in any Executive session and that was what was discussed. During one meeting the Superintendent had been approached by a member of the community to address the board about insurance as I recall and he wanted to proceed. I called him on this because it wasn’t on the agenda. I got a stop put to it. It made the person mad who wanted to talk to the board and I don’t think the Superintendent was all that pleased too. Tough, as an elected person it is your duty to uphold the law and follow it. After all you took an oath too.

      Judy Stearns did what was right!


    • Every forum needs a resident moron and old Tom seems happy to fill that role. A hearty well done and thank you to Judy Stearns for looking out for every tax paying citizen in Bloomington. An even heartier thank you and well done to Diane and her staff for their tireless work and effort to keep us informed on all the skullduggery that is carried out by Tone Deaf Tari and his court jesters.


  4. Taris “moral compass” is so messed up he’s lucky to find the parking lot. It’s just too bad that imbeciles like him are able to run off intelligent people like Judy and then get away with “carte blanc” Judy did work for the people and was a very literate person, Tari works for his OWN agenda (destroying our fine city) and probably has a hard time with Dick and Jane.. And YES, our streets really do SUCK, just pick one on ANY part of town, and I bet someone can name a large pothole in it, especially the main ones.


  5. I knew Diane was the nucleus of this publication but with the continuing coverage and updates of pertinent issues I assumed she had a staff. That makes her efforts even more worthy of praise and thanks. As for Tone Deaf Tari Townie, IMO he epitomizes an old saying I have embraced for many years; “those who can not do, teach.” Thank you again Diane for being the purveyor of the huge barrel of disinfectant the citizens of Bloomington so desperately need on a daily basis.


  6. Still nothing from the Local paper? Interesting.


  7. Has this been reported anywhere else, yet?


  8. The Slantagraph just posted a story about it, but didn’t turn the comments on.


    • Writing about it now, thanks for the heads up on comments.


    • Do you have a printed copy? Just wondering what page they put it on.


    • Chicken’s, I saw that they didn’t allow comments too. I often wonder who the king is there who decides if those are allowed or not. Seems allowing the public to comment on the affair of two local judges is okay but not this. Go figure that one out. I know I don’t even want to try. Just a worthless newspaper.


  9. Printed copy? I won’t buy that garbage 🙂


  10. FriendlyPatriot says:

    I am new to this blog page. You have good news here. I thank you for the news no one else will report.
    Tari Renner should not get the votes!


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