Dear Award-Winning Mayor Transparency


It’s wonderful that the Illinois Policy Institute rated Bloomington’s website 100% on their 10 point scale.   It’s great that citizens can see information without filing FOIA requests.

But that’s just a website Tari, and only 10 things IPI thinks are important.

You now have the opportunity to prove you are really transparent.  (Of course, you have a chance to prove you aren’t too!)

I don’t remember the last time Executive Session minutes were reviewed and released, isn’t it supposed to be twice a year at a minimum?  But now the Attorney General’s office has told you to release audio and transcriptions of the meeting held November 15, 2013.

You were told that parts of the meeting were legal, but a lot of it wasn’t.  Instead of paying staff to erase parts of the audio and written version, how about have the council vote to release the entire thing?  You could save staff time (taxpayer money) and prove you are transparent with just one vote.

That’s what a guy with nothing to hide would do!  That’s what a Council with nothing to hide would do.

Do you have something to hide Tari?  Why would anything that happened that long ago still need to be secret?

Hope to hear from you soon,

Diane Benjamin





  1. The Mudd Policy Institute rates Renners transparency as a Big Loser! He’ll be awarded a black marker with full instructions as to how to write a capital “L” on his little forehead.



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