Who helped kill Clinton, Il. ?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Illinois People’s Action!

Who are they?

Social Justice Warriors

Where do they work?  In social justice churches.  They are anti-fracking and pro-illegal immigration.  They demand a “living wage”.  They organize to force government to do their will.  IPA is a member of National People’s Action, headquartered in Chicago.  NPA has endorsed Socialist Bernie Sanders for President.

I wonder if anybody attending a social justice church can site in the Bible where Jesus called on Rome for anything?

If the Clinton power plant is closed, many good paying jobs will be lost.  The Clinton School District will lose at least $8 million dollars.  The cost of electricity will skyrocket when it is produced by more expensive means.

So, IPA:

  • Doesn’t care about good paying jobs
  • Doesn’t care about Education
  • Doesn’t care about the cost of electricity

What did they do?

From their Facebook page:


Illinois People’s Action won’t be happy until everybody is equally poor and electricity is only part-time.

Our Constitution guarantees equal opportunity, not equality.

Their goal is to kill free markets.

They would love Venezuela.  Empty store shelves, wide-spread hunger and crime.  Venezuela choose their own Bernie Sanders.

There is a very local connection:





17 thoughts on “Who helped kill Clinton, Il. ?

  1. Where were the jobs before the plant?

    You act like Clinton is owed something. What a joke.

    Sorry they spent like drunken sailors and now have no money.

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    1. I will tell you where the jobs were before the power plant. There were three shifts running at Wallace Press. There were also 3 shifts running at Revere Ware which was forced to shut down due to strong armed federal regulations just like the power plant. Not to mention the hundreds of jobs that were held by area residents at the Thrall Freight Car company. Anymore questions Tommy boy?


  2. I agree with you about all the social justice crap, but I don’t agree that Excelon should be subsidized. They are a private company, and a very profitable one. Why on earth should they get subsidies?


    1. The irony is these same groups have no problem bailing out wind or solar which are unreliable. Let’s do end all subsidies and I let the strongest survive. I know it won’t be wind energy. I believe nuke plans have almost zero emissions. You can’t get more green than that.


      1. Nuclear plants have no emissions, carbon or radioactive. The main issue lies with the radioactive wastes, which have no where to go, but to be semi-permanently stored on site.
        The nuclear plants lost $800 million last year. They are not competitive with natural gas, but are comparable to wind power in cost of electricity, but not reliability.


      2. Nuclear plants do have emissions, just not Carbon emissions into the air. The radioactive wastes (spent rods) have to be deposited somewhere and it takes a long time before the radioactivity is reduced to a safe level.
        Having said that, solar and wind are not reliable sources of electricity. Solar panels on homes might support electronics but not major appliances or A/C. Until there are batteries to store enough of the generated solar power, they represent only the appearance of being eco-friendly. I don’t know enough about wind farms.
        As far as IPA goes, they are not searching for social justice but rather social engineering.
        Justice is when someone gets what they deserve by earning it, whether it is jail time or a pay check.


  3. Illinois People’s Action claims they are for cleaner air. Once Clinton Power Plant closes more energy from coal fired plants will be needed to fill the gap which would produce more emissions. So why would Illinois People’s Action support the closure? Do you recall Obama’s “Act on Climate” organization which Mayor Renner publicly endorsed at a Bloomington Press Conference? President Obama has made no secret of his plans to put coal plants out of business through regulation. The plan of Illinois People’s Action is to take out Clinton Power Plant first and Coal Plants second. This would leave us with highly subsidized and unreliable wind energy. This would help kill off capitalism. It would make energy prices sky rocket just like Obama promised. Just be aware as to what their ultimate goals are.


  4. Check out the heavy set dude in the middle with the t-shirt that reads “Keep Families Together.” Good idea I say, then stay home! Those folks know damned well that it is them that take the chance on the family split (due to the law) and them blame others. I have no sympathy for that bs. Who is the skinny guy next to him? Is that Renner? Just like Obama is ruining this country, Renner follows the same idiotic path to ruin Bloomington. Pathetic!


  5. I agree that we should not offer subsidies, but I am sure there are other ways to assist these plants that were not even considered. It didn’t even seem that legislators talked seriously with Exelon to address their issues. The Nuclear Power industry is so highly regulated that No New Plants have been built for over 20 years. Further, they overhaul existing plants simply due to the regulations even when it may be more economical (minus government interference) to build a new one. Think about those in our community that have to leave one old wall on the garage in order to rebuild it simply to maintain the grandfathered status of the garage. Ridiculous!


  6. Diane, just wanted to post a link to add a local flavor to this group of radical left wingers. Sonny Garcia is a local lefty folk hero and I am posting a link that describes just one of his stunts in recent years. He is also the head loud mouth who fronted that rally at the old McLean County court house last year.



    1. Most ridiculous thing I have read today:

      “We don’t understand why some people are being punished more severely for offenses than someone who is not undocumented,” he (Garcia) said.

      lulz…try as you may, you just can’t fix stupid!


    2. And here’s Sonny Garcia (accoding to the article) crying about destroying families when an illegal immigrant is sent back to his/her home country for being here ILLEGALLY. These folks took that chance when they came illegally. It’s their fault, not ours. Now accept the consequences of your actions and quit your crying. Immigrants that go through the legal channels will be welcomed. Until then, as the British say, bugger off!


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