Subsidizing Wealth

By:  Diane Benjamin Order your electric vehicle from Rivian yet? Do you drive an electric vehicle? See this article: People who own electric vehicles have higher than average incomes.  They also own a second car for traveling. Of course the manufacturers get taxpayers subsidies to build them.  Buyers get tax subsidies to purchase […]

Can’t have a conversation with some people

By:  Diane Benjamin We are being intentionally deceived.  Politicians do it.  Media does it.  Schools are doing it. Social media reveals just how bad it is.  This pic was not taken locally, but it was posted locally.  The person who posted it doesn’t see a problem?  Do you? That brings me to Sonny Garcia – […]

Climate Change Scam

Sorry, reading the wrong month By:  Diane Benjamin Yes, it’s been really hot!  Media thought we might break a record yesterday.  What was the record yesterday?  94 degrees What the media often fails to tell you is what year that record was set.  Instead they spew Global Warming or Climate Change unsubstantiated statements and demand […]

Who helped kill Clinton, Il. ?

By:  Diane Benjamin Illinois People’s Action! Who are they? Social Justice Warriors Where do they work?  In social justice churches.  They are anti-fracking and pro-illegal immigration.  They demand a “living wage”.  They organize to force government to do their will.  IPA is a member of National People’s Action, headquartered in Chicago.  NPA has endorsed Socialist […]

Hey Alan Guebert: still want a farm bill?

The Pantagraph prints a column on Sundays by farm reporter Alan Guebert.  Frequently he bashes the do-nothing Congress that hasn’t passed a farm bill.  After reading this, I hope they NEVER pass a farm bill and END the current subsidies.  Government isn’t working to help family farms, they are setting themselves up with subsidies.  What say you, […]

Clinton nuclear plant on the chopping block

Goodbye cheap electricity! 12 nuclear plants on the chopping block These aging reactors are most at risk of an early demise as the nuclear power industry struggles to compete in America’s new energy landscape. By Bruce Kennedy, MSN Money Clinton — Clinton, Ill. On its website, Exelon (EXC) describes its Clinton Power Station in Illinois as one of […]

Go see who wants jobs kept out of Illinois

Tonight is the premier of the new Gasland Movie.  It can be presumed it also is filled with mis-statements (lies) since the first one was.  Of course, the premier is in Uptown Normal, home of the green wizards. Those in attendance want to keep Illinois from doing any fracking in southern Illinois.  Even the former head of […]

The Fracking Lies continue

by Diane Benjamin As previously reported ( ( some people will do anything, including lie, to stop the use of fossil fuels.  We are all affected because cheap energy is essential to the economy of the United States.  Double gas prices have put a lid on potential economic development when families have fewer discretionary dollars.  Cheap natural gas collected […]

NO Consensus on Climate Change!

TEAM OBAMA’S CARBON TAX HAS NOT FIZZLED OUT By Nancy Thorner – The issue of Global Warming is very much alive in the Obama administration, even while the gun and the gay marriage issues remain on the front burner. Symbolic of President Obama’s push for green energy was his visit to Argonne National Laboratory on […]

Another country from which to “learn”

More on the Democratic plans to declare war on the middle class by raising energy prices: Published January 31, 2013 | By Bruce McQuain   The question, as posed earlier concerning Britain and France, is will we? Electricity prices are rising in Germany – and citizen with a low-income are suffering particularly. They are at risk of fuel poverty. 10 to 15 percent […]

Climate Activists Put the Heat on Obama

This article is from the far left site The Nation.  Evidently Americans don’t mind paying twice as much for gas since Obama won re-election.  Do you mind paying more for all forms of energy?  Either take a stand now or pay later! “As visionary as Obama is, he is hamstrung by his pragmatism.” So says […]

FrackNation exposed the Energy haters

It’s criminal that no American media has invested the facts, in fact HBO wants a Gasland sequel.  FrackNation exposes the lies.  A DVD can be purchased here:   ‘FrackNation’ documentary examines environmental claims On the heels of Matt Damon’s anti-fracking drama “Promised Land,” a journalist is releasing a documentary that examines whether or not fracking […]

FrackNation – TOMORROW!

The producers of “FrackNation” tell the story of ordinary Americans in Dimock, Penn., who are seeing America’s new Gold Rush that has the potential to make America energy independent by 2020. The film is throwing sand in the gears of Hollywood elites, nonprofits and media who are using fear and intimidation to rig the public […]

Fact-Checking Matt Damon’s ‘Promised Land’

By: Steve Maley (Diary)  |  January 8th, 2013 at 04:00 PM  |  I wasted $7.75 on Hollywood’s latest anti-fracking agitprop “Promised Land” (1) so you won’t have to. You can read movie reviews elsewhere. From what I’ve seen, they’ve been rather lukewarm. And in its first weekend of nationwide distribution, audience response was tepid at best. In the words of lead actor/screenwriter […]

Fracking pays City bills in Colorado

Technology is driving America’s oil boom Higher prices at the pump have led oil companies to invest in better technology, allowing them to get more oil out of the ground, raising oil production in the U.S. 25 percent since 2008. It is expected to jump another 30 percent by the end of this decade. Ben […]

Read before you see new Matt Damon film!

The Meyers Report: The Promised Land? For the first time ever, we are looking at a new movie to be released on December 28th. The Promised Land, starring Matt Damon, who also was supposed to be the director, but Damon turned it over to Gus Van Sant. The Promised Land, has a clearly “anti-fracking” theme. […]

The Fracking Lies

The anti-fracking crowd wants you to believe fracking contaminates water forever.  Here’s a company in Wisconsin handling that problem.  Ask them what energy they want used?  Why can’t our own resources be used? Tech and Biotech: AquaMost makes a move December 15, 2012 4:00 pm  •  JUDY NEWMAN | Wisconsin State Journal | [email protected] | AquaMost, a Madison company […]

Fracking and ethics

The FIRST question to ask the anti-fracking fanatics:  What energy sources do you support?  NONE of them will be anything but green energy.  Therefore, not wanting to use God-given sources of energy invalidates their opinions. An Open Letter to the Oil and Gas Industry: The Ethical Case for Fracking by JOE BAST, JAY LEHR AND MIKE GEMMELL on DECEMBER 11, […]