League of Women Voters didn’t get the memo


The President is making a priority of passing climate change laws.  A number of groups are organizing a march on DC, the full list is on their website.  You have probably never heard of most of them, but a big one jumps out:  The League of Women Voters.

The Sierra Club is a leftist group that would love to ban all fossil fuels.  Rebuild the American Dream is a Van Jones Organization funded by George Soros.  Soros is the guy who plots to end capitalism in America, Jones is the self identified communist who was forced to leave the Obama administration when the truth about him came out.  MoveOn.org is not above lying to their readers by leaving out critical details.

Numerous stories about climate change, global warming or whatever they want to call it are on this site.  The American people are being robbed in the name of fixing a non-existent problem.  Obama still wants Cap & Trade, but he will settle for his EPA regulating fossil fuels out of existence.  You will pay, you already are.  Gas is on the way back up again.  Leftists want fracking outlawed, that would be the end of cheap natural gas.

Rally Speakers

  • Michael Brune; Sierra Club Executive Director
  • Bill McKibben; 350.org President, Scholar at Middlebury College
  • Van Jones; Rebuild the Dream President, NYT Best-Selling Author
  • U.S. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse; Rhode Island
  • Maria T. Cardona; Latinovations Founder, Dewey Square Group Principal
  • The Rev. Lennox Yearwood; Hip Hop Caucus President and CEO
  • Chief Jackie Thomas; Saik’uz First Nation
  • Crystal Lameman; Beaver Lake Cree First Nations

Why is the League of Women Voters in this group?  Maybe their status as non-partisan should be re-evaluated.


One thought on “League of Women Voters didn’t get the memo

  1. And,,,I hear tell that the representative from Good Energy, Phil Carr that gave the last presentation to the BL city council before they voted to put aggregation back on the ballot used to work for Van Jones. Oh what a tangled web we weave when we trust staff to do the research and write the citizens off as crack pots. Good job city council you were just duped (again) by a Communist. Not!

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