Jason Barickman

Senator Barickman was the ONLY Republican to vote YES on gay marriage.  He even gave an impassioned speech on the floor to urge it’s passage.

Can we all together say RINO?  (since some people still don’t know: Republican In Name Only)  Pat Brady probably loves him now.

Wonder if Jason still has 2 homestead exemptions?  Did the house in Champaign get sold?



9 thoughts on “Jason Barickman

  1. Glad to see the local bigotry is alive and well. Can we rename this site from BLN News to BLN Homophobes? Not a lot of news here and the new title would be much more accurate.

  2. Ahh..I see comments are “Moderated” here. Won’t hold my breath. So much for Diane’s love of the first amendment.

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