Subsidizing Wealth

By:  Diane Benjamin

Order your electric vehicle from Rivian yet?

Do you drive an electric vehicle?

See this article:

People who own electric vehicles have higher than average incomes.  They also own a second car for traveling.

Of course the manufacturers get taxpayers subsidies to build them.  Buyers get tax subsidies to purchase them.

Don’t forget the companies making money installing charging stations, according to the article also at taxpayer expense.

Then there is Uptown:

After all the taxpayer subsidies, owners of electric vehicles can run them for free courtesy of the taxpayers of Normal.  You are paying the electricity bill!

Some of those charging stations are in Bloomington too.  You are also subsidizing the wealthy.

Green energy was created to transfer wealth.  It’s been transferred to solar companies (remember Solyndra?).  It’s been transferred to wind companies.  Georgetown Texas got the brilliant idea to go green.  Electric bills are now $1,219 per year higher thanks to a Republican mayor, the city budget has also been hit hard.  See this story: 

Illinois is headed in the same direction because Pritzker was elected.

Prepare to be fleeced even more just for living in a State with no common sense.

Both Bloomington and Normal need to CHARGE for the electricity at charging stations.  Both aren’t getting Motor Fuel taxes from electric vehicle owners to pay for the roads.  Quit forcing everybody to fund their fuel!

Both Bloomington and Normal opted to make you pay more for green electricity when they negotiated your rates through aggregation.  Since a tiny percent of electricity is generated by green technology, subsidizing charging stations is subsidizing fossil fuels.   Duh, without fossil fuels you wouldn’t be warm right now.


8 thoughts on “Subsidizing Wealth

  1. WHY buy a RIVIAN, when Koos is going to have electric scooters in UPTOWN! zoom ZOOM!! beep BEEP!
    What next? Seal rides in the “water feature” (I love that name)


  2. The pushing of electric cars goes hand in hand with the insistence that we all use our little bicycles too – “their” ideal would be the peasants with nothing but a bike and maybe a little electric car, but THEY have whatever they want such as nice SUVs, nice cars/Trucks, maybe a big boat and even a small plane – it’s too deep to go into here, those who have connected the dots already know, those who have not connected the dots yet most likely never will. It is also quite insidious the way SOME people subsidize SOME others – again look at who is who and WHO is raking in the cash and who is getting nothing, but still forking it out. Oh and don’t EVEN try to say those who are forking it out just aren’t smart enough to learn to benefit, it’s called having integrity and not bowing to socialist demands, the truly “smart” however do find ways around it, but then the powers that be try to find ways to thwart that – the “Smart” word is worn out and people who really are “smart” have figured out what it REALLY means when the left says it. Show me your electric car and your bike and I can pretty much figure out what side you are on, easy as pie. By the way I have NOTHING against bicycles on their own it’s what they have come to symbolize in some areas and who uses them as a political weapon.


  3. need electricity to charge your electric car? It takes FOSSIL FUELS to run the turbine to get the electricity. So you are STILL using fossil fuels. Plug em in your outlet at home? You home is run by FOSSIL fuels so why bother? Wonder when Tari and Koos will push the horse and buggy? That will save the environment. But you will still need FOSSIL fuels. You still have to keep that horse warm / cool in its barn so ….


    1. And because gas cars convert fossil fuels to heat to motion (2 inefficient conversions) while electric cars convert fossil fuels to heat to steam to motion to AC current to DC current to motion (6 inefficient comversions), not to mention the mining, chemicals, and disposal needed for the battery packs, electric cars are actually Worse for the environment!


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