Bloomington: Socialism coming

By: Diane Benjamin

It has been easy for socialists to take over Bloomington  – the citizens haven’t paid attention for years.  When they don’t show up to vote it’s easy for the far left to win.  April 2nd Tari Renner will likely get the Council he wants, and along with the Welcoming Ordinance:

Read the article.  Tari claims the police have changed their policy about ICE.  Remember when you had a Police Chief who enforced the law?  Seems like just months ago.  (It was)

Four years ago:

Ward 2:

David Sage ran unopposed, he got 270 votes.

April 2nd Donna Boelen is running against Georgene Chissell.  Chissell is Tari’s choice

Ward 4:

Amelia Buragas defeat Jeremy Kelly by 42 votes  (684-642)

April 2nd Chip Frank is running against Julie Emig.  Emig is Tari’s choice

Ward 6:

Karen Schmidt ran unopposed, she got 184 votes

April 2nd Karen has a challenger – Jenn Carrillo.  Since Jenn wants the Welcoming Ordinance, she is Tari’s choice.

Ward 8:

Diana Hauman defeated Alton Franklin 452-282.

April 2nd the only guy on the ballot is Jeff Crabill – obviously Tari’s choice

Debate Schedule:

Illinois People’s Action are self admitted democratic socialists.

It’s pretty easy to figure out which candidates they will be out working for.  They will get people to vote by mail and vote early.

What are you doing to prevent a Tari sweep?

Donna Boelen email:


Donna prefers the personal touch of one-on-one conversation over social media.  Contact her!

I don’t have contact for other candidates.

28 thoughts on “Bloomington: Socialism coming

  1. Its so bad many of the local Socialists still support Venezuelan dictator Maduro. These are the people who wanted to feed a kid into a wood chipper for nervously smiling while being bullied at the Lincoln Memorial.
    We definitely don’t want them controling Bloomington.


    1. A kid was fed into a wood chipper? When did that happen? Do tell. What “socialists” are supporting Meduro in this country? I don’t see any indication of that outside of the “American Thinker” and WND.


      1. The chipper was a meme posted by some leftist, I don’t remember which one. It was complete with blood spattering everywhere. Have you heard any democrat support Maduro’s replacement? I haven’t. Did you forget the leftists who used to praise Maduro and Chavez?


  2. IPA is a front group of Democratic Socialists of America and has operated in this state under a handful of different names. They are extremely close to the Chicago Teachers Union. Many of their Chicago rallies feature red flags very similar to old USSR banners. The leadership is based in Chicago and is extremely radical. Sadly, local clergy have been duped into supporting this group under the guise of social justice. Unitarian Universalists (Karen Schmidt’s church) are extremely sympathetic to them as well as some past and present priests at Holy Trinity and St.Mary’s. When confronted, they are very defensive about their association. Socialism and communism arrived in B-N along before Tari and Chris. You can thank local organized labor for that.


    1. “The chipper was a meme posted by some leftist, I don’t remember which one. It was complete with blood spattering everywhere. Have you heard any democrat support Maduro’s replacement? I haven’t. Did you forget the leftists who used to praise Maduro and Chavez?”

      Yeah the kid (Nick Sandmann) is such a victim that his parents hired a high power Republican PR firm RunSwitch. Therefore proving exactly that he is entitled; he also has a high power lawyer to go with that PR firm. The highly unreliable “American Thinker” is the only “source” for the wood chipper story.

      New flash, it’s the president of the United States who engages in foreign relations, not the opposing party. No, I have not heard anyone supporting Maduro in the Democratic party. The other new flash is that Chavez has been deceased since 2013. No, Obama did not support Chavez. There are no Democrats who support Maduro. Sorry we don’t live in an alternative reality where Democrats who aren’t in the White House are somehow in charge of foreign relations.


  3. The UU Church has been a hotbed of Marxism and sexual deviancy in McLean County for years. VERY aggressively promoting that “agenda”. How do they keep their tax exempt status?

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  4. There will be very little voting happening for the April 2 election as there are only 1/2 of the wards aldermen, Dist. 87 and Unit 5 Board of Ed, and community college district items on the ballot. If the people who cared went out and voted, they could really make a difference.


    1. BN is not only civically lazy but transient, so sadly , most do not see having a stake in the community. Both mayor’s and their supporters know this and play it to their advantage by getting out the college vote, many who see voting for a radical as a joke while the others are true socialist believers.


      1. Spot on. College students are here for 4 years or less. They want to score political and ideological points while forcing us to entertain and provide their quality of life, all without having to pay the tab. Unreal.


  5. Socialism ONLY works for those that ARE takers…
    As for the Workers (givers) they come out on the short stick..
    MAYBE Tari will get taught a GOOD Political Science lesson..


    1. Lol, you can’t teach Tari anything cause he already knows everything. And anything new that he needs to know will be provided to him at the socialist mayors association that Bloomington belongs to for his marching orders.


  6. “Why are they investigating Russia then? They didn’t care when Hillary was giving them uranium or when Obama said he’d have more flexibility after the election!”

    Who is “they”? Your government no less. Yes the Russians interfered in the 2016 election. I’m not going waste my breathe debunking the Uranium One story. Unlike Trump, Obama was president at that point. He wasn’t talking to Putin, but to his predecessor, huge difference. Trump asked Russia to hack e-mails. A couple of day latter, the Russian GRU, the former KGB which was lead by Putin, hacked the Democratic e-mails.


      1. The Democrats refused to let the FBI investigate? LOL. The FBI was investigating the interference of Russia before your president, Trump fired the head of the FBI. The FBI was investigating whether Trump was a Russian asset, either as willing agent or unwilling. Let that sink in. The president of the United States might be acting as agent to a hostile foreign power. That’s still being investigated.

        That investigation is now being handled by Special Counsel Mueller. He has secured 37 indictments and several guilty pleas with people from Manafort to Cohen going to prison. Mueller isn’t finished by a long shot.


      2. You are too uniformed to comment here. The DNC refused to let the FBI see their computers that were supposedly hacked. All those indictments have zero to do with “collusion”. Mueller has nothing. Consider yourself banned.


  7. The allegations against Trump are nothing burgers compared to the facts surrounding Hillary and her involvement in Uranium One deal and the Benghazi screw up. Evan what the heck is wrong with your brain man? Do you feel as though you are one of them, the oligarchs that strive to rule you and strip you and all mankind of their resources, and their liberty? Well you’re not or you wouldn’t be trolling for them.


  8. Just another nail in the coffin belonging to Bloomington. What once used to be a wonderful town is rapidly swirling down the toilet of life!


  9. Evan COULD be the poster child for SOCIALISM! ONE thing about socialism. They ALL want to run the ship THEIR way, and when push comes to shove. They destroy themselves and the party from WITHIN!


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