Green Energy Fail

By:  Diane Benjamin

When the actual air temp is 20 degrees below zero, thank God for fossil fuels.  This video is the field east of Bloomington Il, filmed today.  The entire field as far as I can see is not operating.

Wind energy is not keeping anybody warm today.

11 thoughts on “Green Energy Fail

  1. Just returned from a week in Maui, saw a lot of solar farms and wind generators. When you live where wind and sun are abundant, it makes good sense to use those resources to generate all your electricity, right?
    I did some checking, on the Maui uitility website and found that about 22% of their power is generated through solar and wind…the rest of their power, measured in MW…comes from burning OIL.
    The MW ratings of the wind farms and solar farms looked really dismal, in terms of generation.


  2. Hawaii would be a great place for geothermal steam, like Iceland does.
    The computers probably have the turbines off today, as it MAY be too windy or cold, or both. Those things have LOTS of issues.
    Didn’t J.B. say he wanted Illinois to be a “green fuel” state by 2025? I see that happening on a day like today!
    Too bad we cannot harness ALL the hot air that comes out of politicians! We’d DOMINATE the world in fuel resources!!


  3. Yes thank God for fossil fuels especially considering that the “powers that be” have made it nearly impossible for anyone to live “off grid” and use wood burning stoves/pellet stoves/fireplaces etc due to all of their “safety” regulations concerning this type of heating. Plus keep in mind that if they REALLY wanted to, they could just cut it all off and call it a “blackout” yeah, it’s a scary world we live in.


  4. The Leftwing endgame. Force power plant and vehicle conversion to natural gas, which is the also the only truly practical fuel for residential heating. Then, when the natural gas prematurely runs out, because the environment wackjobs have skyrocketed consumption, killed the coal industry, blown up the dams (for the salmon) and destroyed nuclear energy, 2/3 of the country won’t be able to heat their private homes. So everybody gets moved into Soviet-style 600 sq ft urban apartments, complete with illegals and deviants next door, and private home ownership–a bedrock of our free society–is destroyed for all but the Al Gore and Tari Renner type elites. That’s the plan. THINK ABOUT IT!


  5. You do understand that they store energy……? Did you know they sometimes get shutdown when it’s to windy?

    Reminds me of the Moron statement; It’s snowing out, there can not be Climate Change……………


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