Go see who wants jobs kept out of Illinois

Tonight is the premier of the new Gasland Movie.  It can be presumed it also is filled with mis-statements (lies) since the first one was.  Of course, the premier is in Uptown Normal, home of the green wizards.

Those in attendance want to keep Illinois from doing any fracking in southern Illinois.  Even the former head of the EPA stated fracking does not contaminate ground water.  That’s why it is safe to assume this group is anti fossil fuels and therefore anti-jobs and anti-cheap energy!  The unemployed in Illinois appreciate your efforts.

If they really cared about the environment, they would be guarding the water supplies to major cities.  How many possible terrorists have been investigated for plotting to poison lakes and wells?  They can do their own research if they are interested.  It’s also safe to assume they will not.  Their mission is no fracking – not good water.  Maybe their pictures should be taken and published!


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