Of course Obama knew

by:  Diane Benjamin

Think back to 2009.  Obama was swept into office by a troubled electorate determined to end the GOP domination.  Everything was George Bush’s fault, but that’s another story.

The Democrats not only had the presidency, but both houses of Congress.  They were elated as they set out to create their socialist utopia.  The government was filled with communists and socialists who didn’t need Senate approval (czars) to make the job easier.  Imagine their horror when millions of Americans  attended the first TEA Parties in April 2009, then more than 1 million descended on Washington DC in September 2009.Obama Racine

Time to destroy, attack, and call them terrorists.  Janet Napolitano did just that in 2009. (http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2009/apr/16/napolitano-stands-rightwing-extremism/)  The TEA Party, returning veterans, and Pro-life Christians were labeled right-wing extremists.  To committed socialists who believe they can make life great for all by taxing the rich, regulating everything, redistributing wealth, banning fossil fuels, controlling healthcare, and promoting unions, they knew the enemy – the former silent majority.

Obama didn’t have to direct the IRS to harass conservatives.  He didn’t have to tell the EPA to charge conservatives when they file Freedom of Information Act requests.  The top federal employees know who the enemy is – anybody who might help “Limited Government” and “Fiscally Responsible” people get elected.  That would jeopardize their jobs and the agenda.   Some of the  federal workforce was more than happy to help Obama stop the obstructionists.

The President created the atmosphere, then he sat back to enjoy the show.   The IRS attempted to block the TEA Party, 9/12, and Constitution loving citizens.  He may have succeeded in making villains of the TEA Party, but their principles remain.  We have only begun to see the anti-Constitution scandals  committed by this administration.  Obama excels at being uninformed so he can’t be directly linked to anything illegal.  His standard answer is “I found out when it came out in the press”.  Anybody who falls for that one most likely fell for the TEA Party being the problem.  He has succeeded with the low information voters who don’t believe he is behind any of the scandals.

The President can be on the golf course unconcerned.  He placed like-minded people around government and created an atmosphere for the rest to do his bidding.

How’s that Hope & Change working for you now?  You haven’t seen anything yet.

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