Had Enough of the IRS?

TUESDAY Noon – Protest at the IRS OFFICE

301 S. Prospect Rd.
Bloomington, IL

This is part of a nationwide day of protest!

The IRS is a weapon of government to attack the enemies of whoever is in power.  It is NOW time to end the IRS by enacting either a flat or fair tax that would make the IRS irrelevant!

We can not allow the IRS to enforce OBAMACARE!  Enough tyranny by government.  Let’s remind them who they work for.

Bring signs, or just come and take a stand with the patriots being abused by this agency!


2 thoughts on “Had Enough of the IRS?

  1. wow, in my life I would never have thought I would live to see the IRS exploit , or the federal government thrash americans in so many ways. I still cant believe we as a free people living in a democracy have been so abused and disrespected by our political servants. this administration will always have the tainted reputation and be remembered for many years by the middle class who are helpless and held hostage by our gov’t….. on the other hand if I were one of the mud people on the dole or any American who receives a check for disability or retirement I would be screaming at the top of my lungs that the gov’t is considering amnesty to illegals. this is the only country in the world where a non-citizen can commit a crime and get paid. ,WARNING; do not do this if you are a legal citizen you will be prosecuted not rewarded… This money has to come from someplace , what better of a place to take it from than Social Security because it is an easy place to go . Why. because SS gets a deposit every week. I am so sick I want to puke’

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