FrackNation – TOMORROW!

The producers of “FrackNation” tell the story of ordinary Americans in Dimock, Penn., who are seeing America’s new Gold Rush that has the potential to make America energy independent by 2020. The film is throwing sand in the gears of Hollywood elites, nonprofits and media who are using fear and intimidation to rig the public policy debate for the benefit of whoever funds their left-wing campaigns. The independent filmmakers of FrackNation tell a fascinating tale of small-town neighbors up against forces who don’t want to be questioned with facts, and who don’t tell us who is funding or supporting them!

The cultural elites and their media pawns do not want the landowners or the local economy to do better while America could become less dependent on foreign oil. It’s head scratching. How much of America’s challenge is related to how hard it is to get truth and have an honest debate? Watch this film and think not only of fracking, but other issues being promoted and framed by the elite in our culture!

Ann McElhinney and her husband, Plelim McAleer funded this amazing film with over 3,000 Americans who wanted the truth told about fracking.

FrackNation, to be shown Tuesday at 8 p.m. CST on AXS channel, is a must-see for you and all your friends and neighbors before we lose the ability to sustain the nation and its energy supply.

Watch the interview:

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