Fracking Under Attack with Fraud in McLean County

by:  Diane Benjamin

The following has come to my attention:

*This Friday, August 31, 6:30 PM- 8:30: Showing of the Movie “Gasland”

(about Hydraulic Fracking) *Where: Holy Trinity Parish Center, 704 N. Main Street, Bloomington

Cost: Free

A brief planning meeting will follow the showing

PLEASE RSVP: (309) 827-9627

One BIG problem:  This movie is full of lies!

This site debunks numerous sections of the movie with facts and more links

This site also debunks the movie point by point with even more links:

The New York Times even issued a similar article:

Then there is this short video:

Obama’s Science Advisor agrees with experts: Fracking has never contaminated drinking water

Even MSNBC takes the filmmaker John Fox to task:

The reason this movie was made is in the MSNBC clip:  Some people in this country want to end fossil fuels.  They DO NOT want us to use our natural resources.  We supposedly can run everything on wind and solar energy, or import fossil fuels from other countries.

This film is being shown in Bloomington because the Mclean County Land Use Committee is meeting on September 6th to discuss special use permit rules to make fracking easier in the county.  It is obviously an attempt to stop the discussion by stirring citizens up with fraudulently data.

This is the information this group posted:

*Thursday, September 6, 4:45 PM Land Use Committee Meeting

*IPA will attend wearing “No fracking” stickers

Meet at 4:30 in the County Board Meeting RoomPlease RSVP: (309) 827-9627

This information needs to be given to Holy Trinity and the McLean County Land Use Committee if you are tired of being held hostage to environmentalists.

The organizer’s phone number has been listed twice.  Maybe whoever it is doesn’t know the facts.  Maybe they do.  Now you do too.

6 thoughts on “Fracking Under Attack with Fraud in McLean County

  1. Yes, there is a very nice video on youtube that shows numerous experts, including Obama’s science advisors, testifying that fracking has never been shown to be anything but safe.

  2. Industrialized hemp would solve our fossil fuel dependence immediately. Bio-degradable, it’s also stronger than concrete or steel. The good thing is that anybody can grow it which is the bad thing to the oil and global elite.

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