Normal has a fraud problem, the only question is by who?

By: Diane Benjamin Remember the year around (cough cough) fitness court the Normal Council voted to proceed with? Scott Preston appears to have only voted YES because he was told the National Fitness Challenge is a nonprofit. Just hit play below to hear Pam Reece state it “appears” they are a nonprofit, then Scott […]


By:  Diane Benjamin All of the information below is from the Illinois Comptroller’s website.  See it HERE Would you invest in a company that fails to issue Financial Reports? Why would anybody invest in Bloomington – they haven’t issued last year’s statements yet.  Tonight there will be a presentation on how this year is going […]

Is Bloomington finally fighting fraud?

By:  Diane Benjamin Tonight the City of Bloomington is holding an Executive Session, another one of their secret meetings.  Under the Open Meetings Act, they cited this section as the reason for the meeting: (29) Meetings between internal or external auditors      and governmental audit committees, finance committees, and their equivalents, when the discussion involves […]

Indiana ballot fraud in Obama-Clinton primary-Surprised?

Indiana Dem official sentenced to prison for ’08 ballot fraud in Obama-Clinton primary By Eric Shawn Published June 17, 2013 As Hillary Clinton prepares for a possible presidential run in 2016, it appears that she could have knocked then-candidate Barack Obama off the 2008 primary ballot in Indiana. If anyone, including her campaign, had challenged […]

Election Comedy – Who is writing the screenplay?

by Diane Benjamin   The November 6th election brought America to historic lows.  We are now a country divided by lies, deceit, corruption, and class envy.  The President did a masterful job convincing 50% of the voters business is evil and the rich are only out for themselves.  Electing him gets revenge.   The “blame […]

Fracking Under Attack with Fraud in McLean County

Comments from a reader:  I am a Certified Professional Geologist in Wyoming, with 13 years of oil and gas industry experience.   I don’t know the geology of the area, but generally, oil and gas is much deeper than the aquifer.  In most cases you can’t Frac more than a couple hundred feet up and […]

Fracking Under Attack with Fraud in McLean County

by:  Diane Benjamin The following has come to my attention: *This Friday, August 31, 6:30 PM- 8:30: Showing of the Movie “Gasland” (about Hydraulic Fracking) *Where: Holy Trinity Parish Center, 704 N. Main Street, Bloomington Cost: Free A brief planning meeting will follow the showing PLEASE RSVP: (309) 827-9627 One BIG problem:  This movie is full of […]

City of Dixon Il-How Taxpayer’s Were Ripped Off

Link to the 3/2011 Financial Statements: The report contains 2 statements by an external auditor, Samuel S. Card, CPA.  Mr Card was hired by the City, as required by law, to audit the statements. This massive theft over decades was obviously due to lack of internal controls.  Any person with access to bank accounts […]