Election Comedy – Who is writing the screenplay?

by Diane Benjamin


The November 6th election brought America to historic lows.  We are now a country divided by lies, deceit, corruption, and class envy.  The President did a masterful job convincing 50% of the voters business is evil and the rich are only out for themselves.  Electing him gets revenge.


The “blame Bush” strategy worked great on an electorate unable to decipher truth, economic history is too boring for an educational system on the decline for decades.  For how many years is that going to work?  Is the next Democrat going to campaign on finishing the job because the hole was so deep 8 years of Obama wasn’t enough?


The Obama voters don’t mind doubled gas prices.  They don’t mind the rising prices of everything because of transportation costs.  They don’t mind family incomes down thousands of dollars, millions of unemployed, and millions more under-employed.  All they wanted was their free stuff and “tax the rich” to pay for it.  Pause here for laughter, then tears.  America is no longer the land of opportunity, 50% want handouts.


60% of 18-29 year olds voted for Obama.  They can’t get jobs after college, college debt is up, and the massive federal debt is immaterial.  Who do they believe is going to pay it?  Probably “tax the rich”.


40 % of Catholics voted for Obama.  This one is more than sad.  The President attacked the fundamentals of your religion with ObamaCare.  The Catholic Church has sued the federal government for violating freedom of religion.  A letter was supposedly read in all Catholic churches stating these facts.  Maybe the 40% weren’t there that Sunday, or maybe church is just another social club now, no reason to take it seriously.


It’s hard to top Chris Matthews and Michael Moore thanking God for hurricane Sandy.  People actually thought Obama did a great job organizing relief.  2 weeks later people are still without food, heat, and gasoline.  FEMA closed their Staten Island office when snow started falling.  People can’t leave their homes because of massive looting, but NY Mayor Bloomberg won’t allow the National Guard in because they carry guns.  Of course, the people can’t have guns either.  But it gets better: they voted for Obama.


Illinois is where the comedy really gets good.


Derrick Smith is kicked out of the Illinois House after an arrest for taking a bribe.  He’s back!


Jesse Jackson Jr. hasn’t been seen since June, he didn’t campaign, he is about to be arrested for misuse of campaign funds, and he is reelected.  I hear he will plead guilty, then he gets kicked out of the House.  Where or where can they find another guy like him as a replacement?  Isn’t Tony Rezko out of jail?


Democrats raised income taxes 67% but Illinois voters gave them veto proof majorities in both Houses in Springfield.  The only bright spot is Gov Quinn is now even more immaterial.  The new Governor is Mike Madigan with his daughter safely fending off attacks from her office, Illinois Attorney General.


Are government union members so desperate to get their pensions they overwhelmingly elected the party that failed to fund them?  It’s going to be fun when teacher’s pensions are pushed back on the local school districts!  Everybody loves higher property taxes, at least that’s how they voted.


All the above was pretty easy to accomplish when people are handed $20 bills to get on a bus to the polls.  Is anybody going to prosecute?  Democrats in Illinois control the Attorney General’s Office, Democrats in Washington control the Department Of Justice, don’t hold your breath.


How does the GOP respond?  State Senator Bill Brady doesn’t think there is a problem with GOP leadership in Illinois.  Christine Radogno is doing a great job in the Senate.  The Illinois GOP didn’t help state candidates, maybe because nobody contributes to a party without values, message, or conviction.


House GOP Speaker Boehner doesn’t plan on fighting ObamaCare anymore.  Mr. Speaker:  just under 50% of the country voted against Obama.  You seriously need to be replaced!  Take the rest of the GOP with you.



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