Dr David Gill Concedes to Rodney Davis

Dr. Gill just sent an email stating he doesn’t have the votes to win.  The interesting part is who he thanked:

I’m also grateful for the incredible support of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, each county party in the district and dozens of unions. I’ve been especially honored by the support and friendship of dedicated public servants like Senator Dick Durbin, Governor Pat Quinn, Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky, former Comptroller Dawn Clark Netsch and former Congressman Phil Hare. Illinois is truly fortunate to have progressive leaders like these. 

He included a self-described socialist and a guy who stated on tape “The Constitution doesn’t matter”.

Although he didn’t win, McLean County for almost putting him over the top!  You defeated Obama, and supported Gill?  No wonder we are in real trouble in Illinois.

(for those who don’t know, Gill carried McLean County)


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