Is Bloomington finally fighting fraud?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Tonight the City of Bloomington is holding an Executive Session, another one of their secret meetings.  Under the Open Meetings Act, they cited this section as the reason for the meeting:

(29) Meetings between internal or external auditors
and governmental audit committees, finance committees, and their equivalents, when the discussion involves internal control weaknesses, identification of potential fraud risk areas, known or suspected frauds, and fraud interviews conducted in accordance with Generally Accepted auditing standards of the United States of America.


For YEARS the auditors hired by the City of Bloomington have identified areas of risks.  Since the same risks are reported year after year, nothing has been done to fix the problem.  Last June I wrote about some items reported by the auditors:

The question now is:  Are they finally fixing the problems?

Or, maybe they will continue to ignore those reports (David Hales not doing his job) and hear from these guys instead:

  1. Award of Internal Audit Services Contract. (Recommend that the Contract for Internal Audit Services to Bronner Group, LLC be approved and the Mayor and City Clerk be authorized to execute the necessary documents.)

These auditors cost taxpayers another $116,000 last February.  I really enjoy how items are put on the agenda without the cost.  The only way to find the cost is to read the packet.

Since Alderman Scott Black had no problem revealing what happened in the last 3 hour Executive Session, all other aldermen should feel free to  tell the media about this meeting – unless they have something to hide.

Maybe the Coliseum will be the topic.  Did the internal auditors finally get through to the City that some fraud there is likely?

Since the meeting is a secret – the people paying the bills may never know.

Let’s see how transparent the City really is.  I predict:  Not very.



8 thoughts on “Is Bloomington finally fighting fraud?

  1. Who knows!! Maybe the budget gap is related. One thing for sure, the City Manager is an expert at producing “fraudulent” City Manager’s Reports.


  2. Having ready many of your posts, I would like to say that your arrogance and know it all personality are very annoying. Perhaps you should be placed in charge of a complex economy and in the eye of the people and see how many people like yourself annoy the shit out of you. Essentially, you are the reason we’re not allowed to have nice things. You, the keyboard warrior without a cause. That you invest so much time in to this website is quite depressing. Perhaps you should find something more productive to fill your time with. Take the foil off your head and go enjoy the light of day.


      1. I would hate for anybody in this town who may know me to know that I actually gave this the time of day and commented. It’d would be so embarrassing to even be associated with.


        1. Glad you are back! I was wondering why you said I’m the reason “we’re not allowed to have nice things”. Evidently you want government to provide them for you. What about the single mothers and elderly on fixed incomes? You want them to pay for your “nice things”? How about you go buy your own “nice things” and let the rest of the citizens keep their money!


      2. I think that my taxes pay for their fair share of those people’s things in the first place. I honestly agree with you on downtown I and the whole west side in general should just be left to crumble. But you are on an entirely different level, lady.


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