Stanley Wonder Wonders Again

byline: Stanley Wonder

Is it just me, or is something missing at Bloomington City Hall?

No, not the usual trappings of government – the podiums, microphones, gavels, and flags.  They’re all there, complete with the beautiful blue and gold of the United Nations.

Huh?  The UN?  Isn’t that the organization that wants a New World Order under one all powerful international force?

I’m not a betting person, but could our sleepy Midwestern burg be the only one in the whole State of Madiganistan where they fly a UN Flag?  Do ya think?

Wait, you say, that’s un-American!  Besides, you thought City Hall belonged to the people.

Think again, my friend.  You’re in Halesville where strange motions magically appear on the City Council agenda – things no simple alderman could possibly think up. Like millions of dollars for gateways welcoming visitors to beautiful West Market Street where the truck drivers and homeless hang out by chain restaurants.

Please – prove me wrong and show me that citizen who just demanded the mIllions of dollars for a gateway.  Okay, how about the activists pushing for a $16 million zoo expansion.  This concept was oh, so seamlessly slid on to the capital projects plan on September 27th with barely a gasp from the Council at the multi-million dollar cost.  As usual the discussion is never IF it should be built, but only how to split funding between public and private?

Public or private?  Vanilla or chocolate?  What if I don’t want ice cream?  The Zoological Society raised the money for the study – $128,000 – to yes! another outside consultant and voila – they delivered a $16,000,000 plan we MUST fund. After all, its clear as day that a vast number of Halesville people are desperate for a bigger, better zoo.  Forget the streets and pensions!

But there’s that pesky word again – people.  Surely, we aren’t worried about the outmoded American concept of representative government where governments operate by the consent of the governed!  Where we still honor the concept that the voice of the people is the voice of God?

Oh, forgive me, I forgot.  Apparently our City Council owes its allegiance to One World under the UN.

And you thought our City Council didn’t do anything!

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