Council last night

By:  Diane Benjamin

Mayor Renner was in Cuba, so Karen Schmidt conducted the meeting.

The Coliseum got more of your money and it sounds like much more to come:


Evidently the design of the Coliseum is REALLY bad – Hales plans to budget more changes to the building in coming years.  Watch the video starting at 35:40.  Alderman Lower asked about more short-term costs, David Hales goes into his justification and future needs.  The bleeding of your money will continue until utopia is attained.  Sounds like Hales might want to add-on!

A Liquor License for Extravaganza Ballroom was sent back to the Liquor Commission who is now only Tari Renner.  Cleaning up the downtown bar scene is totally on him since this location is outside where the City wants bars “fenced” in.   That, of course, means it’s his fault if this new project contributes further to the downtown alcohol problems.  Legacy Mayor?  Two people spoke against the license during public comment.  The council vote got strange.  First the vote to approve the Liquor License was only supported by Alderman Black.  Next a vote to return the license to the Liquor Commission was voted against by Aldermen Schmidt and Hauman.  The only thing their vote can mean is they are against ever approving this license.  Neither voiced that during comments.

Bloomington will be getting a new TIF downtown.  One public comment was on dropping the hotel idea and concentrating on businesses that could draw people downtown instead. Public comment just on the new TIF starts at 1:05:35.  Bruce Meeks spoke about the money lost to the Huffs with the last TIF, I’m sure it went over most of the council’s heads.  This TIF concentrates on Huff properties.

Regular public comments start at 14:00.

CPA Carl Woodward spoke about the Coliseum and the State Police investigation.  He asked the City to quit obstructing FOIA requests.  He also talked about the City’s gold-plated health benefits.  Just hit play below to hear his comments.





8 thoughts on “Council last night

  1. I would have been in favor of buying him a one way ticket, but I assume he’s coming back with new and improved ideas for running city government.


    1. Great just what Bloomington needs a Castro wannabe! Oops, Tari is already a Castro wannabe! Maybe he went to Cuba to receive his status award!


  2. It should be a source of outrage and embarrassment to every McLean County citizen that Bloomington’s 1st Communist Mayor is spending his time and American dollars in a Communist country with whom he shares values, goals and ideology.


      1. I bet you could find them at the anti Trump rally, speaking out against wealth and privilege after paying their tuition bills of $40,000 per year. Maybe Lenore at the Pantycrap can ask them since she loves Wesleyan so much.


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