Normal Tonight

By: Diane Benjamin

The festivities start at 4:00 because the Council isn’t done going over the proposed budget:

“The purpose of the Special Meeting is to continue a Budget Work Session to review the Proposed 2021-2026 Five Year Operating and Capital Investment Budget, which began on Tuesday,
January 26, 2021″

Before the Council meeting at 7:00 the Liquor Commission will meet:

“*Please Note: This meeting will break for the Special Meeting of the Liquor Control
Commission and Regular Scheduled Council Meeting at 6:45pm. The work session will
again reconvene where it left off before the break at the close of the Regular Council
Meeting if not adjourned prior to the break.”

The Liquor Commission will decide whether to enforce the fines against Joe’s Stationhouse Pizza for violating Pritzker’s edicts. The council will be treading on dangerous grounds since the edicts aren’t law and both of the violations were before Normal passed their own ordinance to punish anyone who isn’t bowing to Pritzker, Chris Koos, Brian Day, and Pam Reece.

We know the first offense was 11/6/2020 – see the email in this story:

According to WGLT, the second offense was on 11/13:

Contrary to whatever is uttered by the Town attorney, Executive Orders are not law. Joe’s can’t be fined for violating ordinances Normal had not yet passed. Remember the meeting on 11/2 where Koos claimed violations would be sent to the Health department?

Normal didn’t discuss waiving Liquor License fees for those who comply until the December 21st meeting.

Normal never passed fining businesses for non-compliance with Pritzker edicts or their ordinance.

What authority are they using to fine Joe’s? Todd Greenberg’s findings at a hearing he was hired to conduct? Looks to me like Normal wants sued! Worse, is Joe’s going to fined and penalized by not getting their Liquor License fees waived like those who did kneel? Double jeopardy!

The 7:00 meeting will be fun to see if they can turn the mundane into another 3 hours. See the packet here:





3 thoughts on “Normal Tonight

  1. Anybody who has followed the work of Todd Greenberg over the years, from his time as Bloomington city attorney, and his questionable hush hush departure, to his time with the city of Springfield, should immediately smell a rat in all of this as Normal’s arbitrator in this case. This is anything but an unbiased opinion. If Normal follows his advise I can guarantee they will get sued. They are trying to make an example out of Joe’s and Joe’s is going to turn around and make an example out of them. This will not end well for the town of Normal.

    This should also be a campaign issue. Watch how Koos, McCarthy, Preston and Cummings vote. Then, hold them accountable on April 6.

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  2. Sure would like to see it go to court. Since covid19 ___ ____ ____ _________, the discovery will fry the Town of Normal and end the political careers of Koos and Reece. I didn’t fill in the blanks because I’d rather they get caught with their pants down, no warning. A class action suit would be awesome!

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