More on Normal’s water

By: Diane Benjamin

Normal is spending more than $5 million to run water to Rivian:

Normal Trustee Stan Nord posted the below on Facebook:

These water samples came from residents who pay for water and can’t use it.

The April 6th election is about priorities: Setting better ones. Spending $5 million to run pipes to Rivian when Bloomington is already supplying them makes no sense when other parts of the water system are aging and need replaced now.

Citizens with unusable water should demand refunds. The go-to line from the Town is run your water until it clears. Is the Town going to reimburse the cost of endlessly running water until “it clears”?

The only way the citizens of Normal are going to get spending realigned with the NEEDS of citizens instead of the WANTS of the current leadership is to vote all incumbents out April 6th.

A mail-in ballot can be requested now:





5 thoughts on “More on Normal’s water

  1. I remember it wasn’t all that LONG ago that SOME people WENT to NORMAL to get water, as they HAD some of the best in the country. THIS is what happens when like minded, linear thinking bobbleheads get into office and DECIDE what the people NEED instead of the obvious! Get a socialist that wants to build bike paths ALL over the world in office (because it benefits HIM) and other “issues” get poo-pooed.. And people like Pam and Kathleen just pour gas on the fire.
    Thank you Stan for actually SHOWING people what wonderful lessons can be learned in sedimentary geology from the water that Normal USED to be so proud of.

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  2. I’ve said it before. I’ll say it again. I’ll keep saying it.
    When criminal, amoral, diabolical politicians blatantly disregard and actually push against constituents’ needs…
    And they have utter contempt for us and our stupidity.
    Stealing money from taxpayers isn’t the only game, far from it.
    If you think this little water scheme is bad, wait until you find out what they’ve really been up to. The scale.
    This community won’t stay asleep much longer.
    As a matter of fact, this community won’t be able to sleep at all. For a long, long time.
    Who will we blame? Them? God?
    “Oh, well we didn’t KNOW. It wasn’t in the Slantagraph or on CNN!”
    God help us.

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  3. Hats off to Stan Nord! I have never met him, but once again he is right on regarding his take on this issue.

    Maybe we can get him to run for Adam Kinzinger’s seat in congress.

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